Tip for those posting good news about picture books & tagging author: Pls tag/mention ILLUSTRATOR too, esp if you are using their art to help promote a book. For info re: how you can get involved: http://www.picturesmeanbusiness.com/  @picturesmeanb #PicturesMeanBusiness
cont'd One reason I appreciate working with @michaelianblack: when people tag him when they're saying nice things about our books, he tags me in his reply. 💛📚 Just one example: https://twitter.com/michaelianblack/status/1243278867416207361
Reason I felt compelled to start this thread: I saw congratulatory tweets about a picture bk written & illus by kidlit friends of mine, but only author was being mentioned/tagged.

I encourage you all to check out @picturesmeanb: http://www.picturesmeanbusiness.com/ 
And one last tweet on this topic, esp for you authors out there: we illustrators DO notice when authors credit their illustrators (& when they don't). I can't speak for everyone, but it does influence me when being approached about illustrating a mss.
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