Marital Rape in India- Why it needs to be criminalized. thread.
Whenever we hear about rape- or any kind of sexual assault we think about how henious this crime is and how the prepators should be punished. However, this ‘kind’ of rape (marital) isnt even a crime. Do we all realize how fucked up this is? According to Section 375 of the Indian+
Penal Code (IPC) considers the forced sex in marriages as a crime only when the wife is below age 15. Thus, marital rape is not a criminal offense under the IPC.
This is really problematic and is literally a message to the people about how consent doesn't matter after marriage, how a woman’s body is now not hers but her husband's property.The patchiray is damn real cause if you wanna rape a girl without being jailled just marry her right?
Because here marital rape isnt a thing? Of fucking crouse ppl veiw marrige as a licesnce for sex. Conset always matter. Rape is rape you cant justify it.
Because marital rape isnt seen as a crime mayne women who go through this dont even understand it is wrong.Heres an example- (source: the hindu ) “Very rarely do patients tell us about marital rape. In a few cases, we see injuries and probe them. They are not aware this is wrong+
”said Dr Rekha Davar, head of gynaecology at JJ Hospital. Not criminalizing this also promotes domestic abuse cause many women think it's completely fine to go through it. Even if women report their marital rape to police the documentations arent recored cause it is not a crime.
No is No even if shes your wife, men and the legal system need to understand and respect that.
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