Delhi accustomed to Mughal architecture also known as the Architecture Of The Dead, quietly accepted post-Independence acres of prime land dedicated to the dead of one Dynasty - believing this to be the unquestioned right of Rulers.

After all, our Capital is dotted with
mausoleum after mausoleum built by Kings during their lifetimes, for themselves.

And today, in the midst of a Pandemic, that has hit every aspect of our lives & our economy in its gut, peddlers & dealers of the Great Indian Fairy Tale History have actually risen up,
BUT to ask the wrong questions.

To infer the connection between vaccines, hospitals, availability of oxygen with the Central Vista Project is either an embarrassing ignorance of how budgetary allocations are made, or its vile agenda-driven drivel - yet again.
A project of this size & dimension will not only inject large funds into the system but will bring sustenance to thousands.

Through history construction of forts & palaces were undertaken during famines & other calamities to provide livelihood to the citizenry.
To remind you the Rockefeller Centre was conceived & built during the darkest days of the Great Depression. The Rockefeller Family created 75000 jobs at a time of widespread unemployment in the 1930s.
Today it serves as an iconic cultural & commercial hub of New York City.
The #CentralVista Project will serve in time, as a symbol of the Indian spirit that despite being struck by a Global Pandemic rose to create an iconic piece of -
Architecture To The Living.

To The Living, Breathing Billion Strong Seat Of Democracy In India !
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