(1/6) Recently, India has been all over the news due to its record brkng daily pstv cases, exceeding the mark of 300k cases per day. This has led to question on the effect of immunization drive in India who was known to have the fastest/ biggest vaccine
(2/6) drive in the world, but did it work? The questions on the vaccines were already surfacing since the time India decided not only to manufacture locally last year. In December 2020 The Serum Institute of India applied for emergency-use authorization of the vaccine it had been
(3/6) developing in collaboration with the University of Oxford and the British pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca. The vaccination started in January and simultaneously was being exported, and soon led to several questions. There were reports of side effects including neurological
(4/6) impairing. Indian vaccine has also been causing cardiac issues and blood clotting that intensifies COVID symptoms, making it easier for COVID to act faster. There were reports of few countries including EU states, that showed reservations over imported Indian vaccines.
(5/6)so far, 9% of Indian population has received at least one dose, 2% of the Indian population has received both doses during vaccination drive. With plan of vaccinating 40-60% of population by 2022, India and the world must review the Indian COVID vaccines to avoid fatalities
(6/6) The quality check has been a preference globally and should be in India too. statements by Indian companies in resp to allegations should've been checked. As it was Indian govt's highhandedness that resulted in this catastrophe. recurrene due to such vaccines must b avoided
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