tw // mentions of sexual assault, pedophilia, shotacon

thoughts from the deep priv last night that applies to everything
tw // mentions of abuse, manipulation, pedophilia

with this, i feel like it’s right to mention something really really important. throughout me and j*mies relationship, when it had peaked and i had come to them over me falling back into problematic content as a -
tw // mentions of self-harm, pedophilia

form of self-harm, where they pushed that as a comfortable way to cope, i had made an alt account to get comfortable in those circles again. it has long since been deactivated, and i feel like it’s most important for you guys to know -
tw // mentions of abuse, manipulation, pedophilia

that i have nothing to hide and it’s my duty as the bigger person to be honest. these were the corners that j*mie pushed me into constantly, and it’s a place that im getting out of with the right help.
i have a therapist. im medicated. j*mie only contributing to my status as an individual with ptsd will not be weaponized against myself. i will continue to get the word out about my experiences; i don’t want them to use and abuse anyone else as they did to me.
and for those of u who made it through this thread, thank u. i care u so so bad, thank you so so much for sticking with me through this.
and as always, proshippers will never EVER be welcome on this account. if you find yourself “coping” with the same harmful mechanisms, people are here to help you. you are very much loved and as important as anyone else.
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