India is witnessing the complete failure of the Fourth Estate alongside everything else. Yes, the journalist's job is to bring out facts, numbers, stories that are unsavoury, that spotlight flaws and failures. But is that ALL? #CovidIndia
Journalists are also duty bound, ethics bound to give BOTH sides of every story. If you want to show bodies lined up at cremation grounds and rive fear into ppl's hearts, also have the gumption to wade into Covid wards and interview the doctors who #CovidIndia
are fighting day and night SAVING lives despite impossible odds. Highlight stories of faith, hope, survival. Let the world know that India's medical community has not given up and doctors are giving it their all even in THESE dreadful circumstances #CovidIndia
Talk about doctors who are trying to educate ppl via social media, sharing stories, informing despite thier own traumatic daily experiences. Journalism is not about grabbing attention with gore and grist, it is about fulfilling a responsibility to the public too #CovidIndia
Where are the stories of determination, guts, sheer grit, hard work and passion of the millions of medicos who are fighting the battle for us? Why only focus on burning pyres and the wailing bereaved and not on relieved loved ones welcoming back the recovered #CovidIndia
Why the sadistic skew towards sharing the WORST, DEMOTIVATING those who are working every single day, at risk to thier lives, to save us?? What do you journos achieve except for eyeballs? If that is yr objective then you have traded ETHICS for international attention. #CovidIndia
Then you are NO BETTER than the politicians you rail against- thier trade off has different components from yours. That is all. #CovidIndia
If you want to criticize parties that fail then ALSO learn to give credit to those who SO deserve it. How much coverage do you give to success stories or tales of endless shifts by doctors who are STILL READY TO DO MORE?? Give them the spotlight. THEY DESERVE IT! #COVID19India
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