Many neurodivergent people don't know this but you should not be honest on your resume, in your interview, and most certainly not on any kind of personality assessment test if you have to take one. Make yourself sound extroverted, energetic, a golden retriever who loves to work
There is absolutely nothing wrong with lying to a corporation so you can survive in capitalism, a system of lies that you did not create and are forced to participate in. If anything, it is wrong not to lie and thus allow capitalism to crush a neurodivergent person (you)
I know you've been told that honesty is good but they were lying. People are lying when they say they value honesty. Neurotypicals lie all the time and expect everyone else to. they will think your current resume is already the beefed up version. So beef it up.
employers expect you to lie in your job interview and on those personality assessments and they don’t want to hire people who don’t know they should lie. it’s not seen as lying, it’s seen as professionalism, putting your best foot forward, selling yourself. you’re supposed to.
of course this sucks. it’s a bad system and a weird fucking culture. this is not the key to happiness, job fulfillment, or personal growth. it’s part of understanding the world you actually live in instead of the world people lied to you to make you believe in & surviving here.
everyone makes themselves seem better than they are in their job interview. you are supposed to. you do not have to bring that person to work every day. that person is for meetings, talking to your boss, trying to get a promotion, big clients, whatever. not 9-5.
the key is don’t put yourself in a situation where you’ll be miserable. Lie to get past the bullshit barriers. If you're not extroverted, you won't enjoy a job that requires that all the time but many jobs don't require that but still screen for it in the interview process
they’re purposefully screening out people who don’t know to lie on the personality assessments bc they’re intentional discriminatory barriers for marginalized people. watch Persona on HBO to see what happens if you are flagged as unemployable by one of those testing companies
you can get stuck in an algorithmically-determined black hole of unemployability. those companies, those systems want to trap you there. that’s why i’m telling you not to let them do that. it’s more than this job, this moment. it’s your entire future and you need to survive.
there is nothing fair about these systems. if an algorithm decides your personality is unemployable, there’s no-one to talk to and get it fixed. capitalism is not looking out for you. you don’t have to change yourself, just be able to codeswitch when you need it
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