We are emerging from the catastrophic failures of the Trump administration. Where hundreds of thousands died because of Donald Trump, and tens of millions lost their jobs.

We now have a President and a White House capable of leading our nation out of the pandemic.
But the crises we’re facing go well beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the richest billionaires got one trillion dollars richer during the pandemic, more than ten million families are behind on rent today, and there are eight million fewer jobs than a year ago.
The climate crisis continues to ravage our communities, and scientists tell us we’re running out of time to act.

Every week, we see an unconscionable new video of police violence against Black and brown men, women, and even children.
We need to rebuild our nation with a new foundation. A foundation rooted in love, and care, and equality. Where justice is truly real for all of us, regardless of race, class, gender, orientation, or religion.

I believe we can. And the moment is now. This moment is historic.
It’s on us, as Democrats and progressives, to meet the gravity of the moment. And history will judge our actions.
Our movement is Latino, we are Asian, we are Black, we are White, we are a beautiful mix of ethnicities and cultures all over the globe who are demanding justice and humanity.

We are a continuation of the civil rights movement.
It is possible to meet the climate crisis with a big, visionary investment in jobs. Jobs that begin in our most neglected and redlined communities. We must build a Civilian Climate Corps to do the good work of transforming our energy system and our society.
We need a Green New Deal for Public Housing, as my colleague and friend Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has proposed.

We can repair and transform run-down, neglected apartments in New York and neighborhoods all across America.
We need a Green New Deal for Cities, as my friend Cori Bush has proposed. And we need a Green New Deal for Public Schools.

Every part of our society must become part of the answer, because this crisis is urgent.
And we have to build up labor unions too.

That’s why Congress must pass the PRO Act, to do away with so-called “right to work laws,” make it easier for workers to unionize, and even let independent contractors bargain collectively.
We also badly need a $15 minimum wage, not phased in 10 years from now, but today.

And if we need to get rid of the filibuster to do that, that’s absolutely what we need to do.
If this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that the American worker is the backbone of this country. It might not be a popular idea around Washington, but the rest of us know that grocery store workers, nurses, teachers, and transit workers are our most essential workers.
In fact, there is a whole economy of workers, mostly women, and disproportionately women of color, who are doing the hard, essential work of caring for our moms and dads, looking after our kids, and healing the sick.

These workers represent the care economy.
We must center care as the rebirth of our nation. Because caring is the entire point of what our economy should do.

It should be about caring for each other, not just extracting profits from working people for Wall Street.
The proposals that President Biden has put forward over the last few weeks would represent important steps — but don’t go as big as we’d truly need in order to solve the crises of jobs, climate and care. We need to think bigger.
Now is the time to address the burning crisis of structural racism in our country.

Every single time I have to watch a video of a Black man, or a Brown kid, die at the hands of police violence, a little piece of me dies too.
I am connected to every Black man in America. Like them my ancestors were kidnapped from Africa, robbed of their language, and stripped of their religion and culture and God, and we continue to be redlined and killed by the police.
I have one message to law enforcement, stop killing us! I need for President Joe Biden to say the same thing.

Black people are not for target practice. We are simply trying to survive in a world stacked against us.
We must have honest conversations about race and racism in this country.

It’s not just police violence. It’s housing discrimination, and wage theft, and Black maternal mortality, it’s environmental injustice, and all of the ways racism is built into the very fabric of America.
America needs a process of truth and collective healing. We must pass HR 40, championed by the late John Conyers and the relentless Sheila Jackson Lee.

Let’s study the need to repair the harms of our history. Only then, will we all be truly free.
We are in this moment because of you. Because of organizers across the country demanding progressive change.

But we can’t stop, and we won’t stop, until we are all truly free to thrive and make the world a better place. One in which all of us can thrive together.
We need all who believe in a multiracial democracy, and are ready to move forward together in love, to become a part of our movement.

Join us. Help us build a better world.
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