My objection to America's foreign policy posture is its self-assigned EXCEPTIONALISM, a concept that embodies "hegemony" and "We sit at the head of the table", with a msm chorus for special sound effect, interminably echoing a song with no end: -
"Come fire & brimstone that we inflict with sadistlic glee, We Are The Greatest".

The defect - logical, ideological, and moral - inherent in, and intrinsic to, the concept of EXCEPTIONALISM is the assumption God made Man in America's image. -
I can find in no sources - after searching the Christian Bible, the Marxist Bible, the Adam Smith Bible, the Keynesian Bible, the Hayek Bible, even the Freudian Bible, for the SOURCE of that claim.
As a direct consequence of this sourceless American claim, America resorts to multitudinous internal inconsistencies, hypocrisies, double-standard sanctimony in virtually all its dealings - with respect to its own citizens and citizens of other countries, all of whom -
are homo sapiens inhabiting the same Earth for which NO ONE, since no one is God, has monopoly of ownership.--

I don't think this is complicated at all. But so-called *pundits* in America stricken by the mental infirmity of petty tribesmanship make it very complicated.

Even the Catholic Nuns (St. Vincent order) who taught me the Bible didn't say God made Man in America's image.
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