the reason people with ADHD are always attributing every trait they have to ADHD is that that’s one of the main diagnostic criteria. that it’s pervasive. but also there’s a huge amount of pressure to perform ADHD traits because if you don’t you can’t access treatment
in Australia to to even get assessed for ADHD you need a referral from a GP which means they need to agree it’s worthwhile. and GPs aren’t particularly knowledgeable about ADHD, they’re mostly going off stereotypes. The same is true of a lot of psychiatrists
it is annoying and silly when people act like having thumbs or whatever is an adhd trait but it’s a learned response to systemic barriers to accessing care. so the more snide you are about it the more it will continue, sorry
the thing that most entrenches people in the performance of an identity rigidly bound to a medical diagnosis is necessity. you need to relax medical gatekeeping if you want people to publicly admit their diagnosis is socially constructed, historically specific, etc
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