Attending a talk by the fabulous PM of New Zealand @jacindaardern right now, thanks to the @USChamber. She says her best jobs in the past are the ones that helped her get insights into people’s lives. She referenced a job she did working with people with disabilities. Says we ...
...can learn from each other re the pandemic. (Eg vaccine rollout & economic recovery). Says NZ had their 1st case of COVID started later than other countries (Feb 28/20). They had the advantage of learning from other countries. Because their healthcare system would’ve been ...
... overrun by cases, they chose an elimination strategy (ie #COVIDZero). They were the first to try this approach. Big part was a closed border strategy, and daily communication being honest about what they knew and didn’t, to get buy-in from people.
PM Ardern: Global #COVIDvaccine equity is not just a diplomacy issue; it’s a public health issue.

Re climate change: She asks, how do we ensure consistent response despite the politics cycles? We can’t have yo-yo climate policy. In NZ, they’ve developed broad political ...
... consensus. Re transition away from fossil fuel, they are making decisions now. No more permits on exploration, no more subsidies & more investment in green tech. She is naturally an optimistic person. She is more hopeful that there is more buy-in re need for climate action.
PM Ardern is focussed on inclusivity. Coming out the global financial crisis, NZ had done well. However, they had to redefine what success meant. Measures of well-being were developed because GDP alone measures all the things that don’t matter to people.
PM Ardern: NZ focus within their region is to have stability & upholding international rules, human rights & democracy. Welcomes Biden’s Democracy Summit. Re China-US tensions, its positive there’s been dialogue. NZ has long standing economic & people-to-people ties with China.
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