It use to be our first nature.

It has since been pushed 'way down' the line..
Distracted and thrown into 'survival mode', humanity has slowly lost the 'first nature' of a constant state of connection (trance state) and functions mostly throughout the day on, and in the physical/the material/the matter..
That which can be seen without having to use the senses, the spirit, the heart, the soul or even the imagination.

What we call trance today was once our first hand nature. This nature we can access and bring about. We need only start to become aware of it throughout the day.
When we are engrossed in something we are in a form of trance. We are pulling down from higher or lower (depending on what we are engaged/engaging/engrossed in) worlds.

Art, poetry, dancing, singing, nature...anything that you get lost in (even a day dream) is a form of trance.
When we are in these forms of trance we rise above the physical, the material, the mental and even the emotional.

We can then create from higher realms/higher worlds.

We rise above the ego/ἐγώ.

Without bounds and bondings of this realm/of this world. Of what already is..
To that which without the imagination, is unimaginable.
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