Recently I did a course with @HolocaustUK on ‘Understanding Antisemitism in the UK’ and I’ve decided to share some info on how people can handle trolls on social media for my final project. Please like and share!
1. Don’t engage: engaging with trolls drives traffic to their page and feeds their and their followers ego. Try to ignore them and screenshot rather than share or retweet their posts.
2. Block trolls: although people are bound to disagree with some things you say, you should not need to experience any hate or abuse. Blocking trolls is the easiest way to silence them.
3. Don’t post if you’re being targeted: it may be hard but if someone is being hateful toward you and you have tried blocking and reporting them, it may be best to take some time away. Trolls will fade into the background eventually.
4. Don’t let it get to you: trolls are only so horrible because they’re hidden behind a computer screen, but words can hurt. Know that what you post and fight for is valid and important.
5. If unlawful: record, report & get help: be sure to screenshot or record any hateful messages or comments you receive and report the account for the social media platform. Report to HET if an account is spreading Holocaust denial or misinformation and they can help.
This thread was inspired by a session we had with @CCDHate on ‘Countering Antisemitism Online’. A big thanks to the HET Ambassador team and all the organisations who organised the course!
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