I want to talk about learning fundamentals. I'll give an example, if you continue to learn Bridgman (images below) and your goal is to draw comics then well yeah you can draw detailed figures, but it won't rly translate all that well to comics.
If you're going into detailing every single muscle in each panel then, you're very well wasting your time, to put things bluntly.
When you're studying/learning the fundamentals, you've got to remember (1) what your direction is and (2) what you like.
1) Why are you learning? To one day animate? To do comics? To do detailed illustrations?
Yeah in the end a character will be drawn, but they will all look different. And the approach to learning each will differ as well.
You've gotta know when to stop focusing so much on the fundamentals and start learning how to draw in the way you want your art to look like.
2) Which brings me to my second point of when studying you have to remember what you like. You know the statement "learn the rules to break it?" That applies. Proportions will tell you the arms end at your mid thigh but I prefer long arms and big hands lol.
I know proportions. If you ask me what they are, I'll easily tell you. But will I listen to it? No.
So what do you like? What do you want to see in your art?
It is how *you* apply fundamentals in ways that YOU like that is "your style"
I wanted to talk on this because there is something that is lost when people start learning how to draw/fundamentals. They often forget the things that they like in order for their drawing to look "right."
Don't lose that. The things you like is what makes your art *you*
It's just a feeling tbh. To know when to put down the books and just draw. Often times fundamentals will limit my art. I start thinking, does this look right? Are the proportions okay? Composition make sense?? Forget all that man and just draw what you want.
When studying know what you want to be doing. And remember what you like. That's all :3
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