The best advice I can give people interested in learning about bitcoin is


Wanting to appear smart is your biggest learning impediment. Until you've spent many months obsessively & silently studying bitcoin, you don't have anything important to say about it
No matter how smart you are, it'll take you many months of studying several unrelated & highly technical fields to form a good understanding of bitcoin.

Until you do, you are just wasting your time & the time of those unfortunate enough to humor you. Put in the work of STFU
This is why bitcoin is the ultimate fraud-buster. Anyone who bloviates on bitcoin without putting in the work is immediately exposed. This is a proof-of-work system, not the fiat world where you just need to make the right politically-correct noises to get a lifetime job.
Instead of complaining about bitcoiners being toxic to you, consider the alternative hypothesis: you're demanding time & respect as you spout nonsense you obviously don't understand, exposing yourself as an obvious fraud worthy of mockery & contempt.
The path to becoming a delusional bitter nocoiner starts with feeling scorned because people don't listen to your stupid bullshit about bitcoin. But bitcoin waits for no man, the next block comes & number goes up while you tantrum. Learn to learn humbly or be humbled.
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