“In August 2018, Nelson blew the whistle on Russia’s breach of FL voter registration systems, which the DHS (led by Republican Kirstjen Nielsen) & FBI (led by Republican Christopher Wray) had concealed from the public.” 1/
Link: https://link.medium.com/A3cVeRHtPfb 
They confirmed Russia’s breach of Florida election systems only after Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis were declared victorious in their respective races and sworn in. It appears, however, that they would never have confirmed it but for the Mueller report confirming it first. 2/
The FBI is still led by Republican Chris Wray. In January last year, it announced a new policy that “does not include notifying members of Congress or the public when [an election] system is breached…” #FireChrisWray 3/ https://fcw.com/articles/2020/01/24/election-breach-notify-fbi-sos-react.aspx?m=1
Not only that, the DHS claimed to have worked w/ Florida to secure its systems in late 2018, but apparently that did not include advising them against connecting their voting systems to the internet or even disconnecting those systems from the internet after the election. 4/
As of 2019, @C_C_Krebs had provided no written guidance discouraging the use of wireless modems. But he claimed that the DHS had discouraged it in “direct consultations.” No indication when that advice was supposedly provided or why everyone apparently ignored it. 5/ https://twitter.com/segreenhalgh/status/1216510264415268870
I just can’t get over that @CISAKrebs tried to get away with saying that voting systems generally don’t connect to the internet. He knew this wasn’t true in some crucial states that allowed ES&S to install wireless modems (eg, FL, MI, WI) & then had to acknowledge it. WTAF?! 6/ https://twitter.com/bernstein_lynn/status/1339244454037872646
It’s a little after 1:23 mark. It’s as if Krebs tried to downplay or cover up this dangerous practice used in FL, MI, WI, & beyond. Paper is crucial. But if no one looks at it manually in a meaningful way (& in the vast majority of instances we don’t), then it does no good. 7/
And Krebs obviously knew this because he was the one who expressly declined to advise states in writing to forego this dangerous practice. Election experts had asked him to provide that advice. 9/
11/ "[T]he FBI’s new policy does not include notifying members of Congress or the public when [an election] system is breached…” - January 2020 #FireChrisWray https://fcw.com/Articles/2020/01/24/election-breach-notify-fbi-sos-react.aspx?Page=1&m=1
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