If you're going to put egg whites in your eyes, might as well rub them on your whole face. Lindy cosmetic skin-tightening treatment.
Looksmaxxing is back on the menu. Bars are open again, so it's playboy season.
Never let them convince you to cut your hair. Besides being crucial for intuition, it's a trait of a free man and makes you look more primal. I look like a mix between rambo and a caveman when my hair's wet. https://twitter.com/antihero_kate/status/1371816507525758984?s=20
I make my own epsom salt, MgCl, sea salt, and castor oil spray to make it look good. Takes 5 mins every 6 months then all you have to do is spray and brush or run your fingers through it. https://twitter.com/NgoloTesla/status/1339547072282963969?s=20
Get all my new clothes custom made with organic cotton, linen, or hemp. Traditional materials with none of the estrogenic chemicals sprayed on. The only thing I don't sperg out on is the dye. Will either get it made to measure or tailored afterwards. https://twitter.com/BronzeRiace/status/1390427044882927619?s=20
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