Mr. Kerik's 2007 Federal criminal case - boy, howdy, it sure was a pretty good sign as to what kind of people are associates of Giuliani, y'know?
Kerik was in charge of the care and custody of not only gangster, say, from the Russian Mob, but also...flipped witnesses.

And there begins the criminal case against him... 🧐
These dates...are important.
For those of you keeping score at home, this kind of corruption is no uncommon, but the particular contracts in the New York City area, they're in sectors that have...certain associations as to who provides them.

Weeeellll, the Government very quickly comes to the point.

Logical, really.
Certain guys were allegedly redoing Kerik's apartment in exchange for, allegedly, bada boom bada bing, y'know?
But, ya gotta cover up the vig, so ya get a Delaware LLC, bada boom bada bing bada oh shit it's the IRS
Here's where it gets interesting...

...those who know what I'm referencing...definitely know why. 😈
HERE'S WHERE WE'VE GOT SOME OLD RECEIPTS - that time Rudy tried to jam Rudy into the all-new, post-September-11 "DHS."

Those disclosure forms all include the potential for felony charges if you lie by omission...
SO IF I'M READING THIS RIGHT, turns out Kerik was taking a financial payment from a wealthy Israeli foreign national, laundering it through an American, and then lied about it by omission while seeking to be the head of all U.S. Homeland Security.

Kerik pleaded guilty to three counts and was sentenced to 48 months.
Kerik's still being paying restitution to the Federal Government up through and including the "President Trump" era.
Convicted felon Bernard Kerik has remained active in U.S. politics, recently endorsing the Missouri Senate candidacy of felony-indicted former governor Eric Greitens.

Stay tuned.
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