AGAIN UPADHYAY HOSPITAL! @Uppolice @agrapolice @112UttarPradesh I've been asking since 3 days to get some investigation done on Upadhyay hospital. Time to make the videos public since no one wanted out.
This is the first tweet
I didn't want to tweet it out. I wanted the authorities to fact check this. I even reminded them for a verification next morning.
Multiple short videos were sent to and I stitched them together. This has been in my phone since Monday night. I can't keep this with me anymore. It was sent to me by someone who requested to not have their identity revealed. Next tweet.
Monday night: Reportedly Upadhyay Hospital in Agra ran out of Oxygen. Doctors fled away. Nurses locked themselves. Here's a video from the site. Trigger warning: death, piece of shit management.
Here's another person who reported the same.
Here I requested UP Police to verify this too
No one reached* out
2* days
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