🧵I know it isnt enough to tweet but in honor of the Black men & boys killed by police in recent years. Let's reflect & say some of their names. Numbers have always been high. They deserve justice. Thread on female victims to come soon.
#SayHisName #BlackLivesMatter #sayhername https://twitter.com/ISASaxonists/status/1387438716608819204
I almost quit this project bc seeing the faces of these men, reading the stories of their lives and families and realizing how unjust and cruel this world is was weighing on me. But I think we need this catalogue. It’s not comprehensive, and I know I have missed
many names and faces but I’m hoping this small catalogue can serve as a reminder of how systemic racism works. Also not every case makes the news.
I also found so many cases in Canada, Australian, the UK &beyond. Police brutality is a world wide cancer, &this does not even touch
on the Indigenous folk who are targeted in similar ways.
If I were to list all the names and faces of those killed by on-duty officers in LA county alone from 2013, this list would be over 500 tweets long.
We've been saturated with images of Black men & boys depicted as scary thugs. I want us all to see these all these Black men & boys as people. That’s what they were. This is a catalogue showing who they were. These men did not deserve to killed at the hands of cops.
Think of these men’s last moments. Think of injustice. Think of racial profiling. Think of those you've outlived. Think of their families & their feelings of loss. Work towards changing the system. Speak up against police brutality.
This project was overwhelming. I need a break from this but will return at some point with a catalogue highlighting women who we have lost. Song by Ajay Stephens - Memories. Have a listen before you begin the list. #sayhisname
1. Anthony Lamar Smith, age 24, died Dec. 20, 2011
Anthony was fatally shot after a car chase. The cop’s acquittal in ’17 sparked protests. His daughter has advocated for more police transparency.
#justiceforAnthonylamar #anthonylamarsmith #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
2. Ramarley Graham, age 18, died Feb. 3, 2012
Unarmed, standing in his grandma’s bathroom, allegedly flushing weed down the toilet. Ramarley was fatally shot w/o warning in front of his little bro & grandma. Family settled in ’15.
#RamarleyGraham #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
3. Manuel Loggins Jr, age 31, died Feb. 7, 2012
Crashed into a gate at his eldest daughter’s high school, (ages 9 & 14). Cops told him to exit his car. He walked to a field & was fatally shot. He was unarmed. His family was awarded a settlement.
#manuelloggins #sayhisname
4. Trayvon Martin, age 17, died Feb. 26, 2012
Racially profiled while walking home from 7/11 with skittles & Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. Cops protected the murderer.
#justicefortrayvon #trayvonmartin #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
5. Wendall James Allen, age 20, March 7, 2012
Wendall was resting in his room when he was awaked by the front door being broken. He ran downstairs to see what was going on, in only his jeans & sneakers. He was fatally shot on the stairs. Unarmed.
#wendallallen #sayhisname
6. Kendrec McDade, age 19, died Mar. 24, 2012
An individual lied & told cops a thief pulled a gun on him. Cops responded to the false report & fatally shot Kendrec who was unarmed. Kendrec’s Mom is still seeking answers.
#KendrecMcDade #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
7. Terrance Franklin, age 22, died May 10, 2013
Terrance was cornered in the basement of his home by 5 cops. He surrender &had his hands up. His family filed a wrongful death lawsuit which was settled in 2020. Terrance was unarmed.
#terrancefranklin #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
8. Larry Jackson Jr., age 32, died July 26, 2013
Being interrogated at a bank for robbery, Larry panicked & fled. Cops commandeered a woman’s car, chasing Larry where a cop claimed he “accidentally” shot Larry. Family settled lawsuit
#larryjackson #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
9. Jonathan Ferrell, age 24, died Sept. 14, 2013
Driving a co-worker home, he crashed, so knocked on a house door for help. The owner called cops who attempted to tase him &missed. Fatally shot him 12x.
#Justiceforjonathanferrell #jonathanferrell #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
10. Gregory Hill, Jr., age 30, died Jan. 14, 2014
Noise complaint from neighbors. Cops showed up at Gregory’s garage & within seconds fatally shot him in the head. Wrongful death suit awarded the family $4. They are appealing. #justiceforgregoryhill #gregoryhill #sayhisname
11. Jordan Baker, age 26, died Jan. 16, 2014
Riding his bike in a mall near his home. He was unarmed & not breaking any rules but was racially profiled by an off-duty cop. Jordan’s family settled a lawsuit w/ the city in 2020.
#jordanbaker #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
12. Victor White III, age 22, died March 3, 2014
Handcuffed in the back of a cop car. Police initially reported he shot himself in the back until evidence released 6 months later proved he was shot in the front. Family settled in 2020.
#victorwhite #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
13. James Boyd, age 38, died March 16, 2014
Mentally ill & camping on a mountain close to homes. A resident called cops. James was upset at the raid & produced 2 pocket knives. He agreed to leave. Started to descend & was tased. He got upset & was shot.
#jamesboyd #sayhisname
14. Dontre Hamilton, age 31, died April 30, 2014
Suffering from mental illness, Dontre was asleep on a bench in a park when cops found him. Doing nothing wrong, he was startled, a confrontation ensued & cops fatally shot him 14x.
#justiceforDontre #dontrehamilton #sayhisname
15. Jason Harrison, age 38, died June 14, 2014
Diagnosed with schizophrenia, Jason was having a mental health crisis & holding a screwdriver at home. His Mom called 911 concerned for his well-being. Cops arrived and shot him 5x.
#justiceforjason #jasonharrison #sayhisname
16. Eric Garner, age 43, died July 17, 2014
Upon suspicion that Eric was selling cigarettes, cops tried to arrest him. He tried to explain, but one cop pinned Eric down while holding him in a prohibited chokehold. Eric was unarmed.
#justiceforericgarner #ericgarner #sayhisname
17. John Crawford III, age 22, died Aug. 5, 2014
Shopping in Wal-Mart, John had a BB gun in his hand to buy. A customer called cops saying John was pointing it at others. Footage proved that was a lie. Cops fatally shot John. Family settled in court.
#JohnCrawford #sayhisname
18. Michael Brown, age 18, died Aug. 9, 2014
After leaving a store, cops racially profiled Michael, confronted him, escalated the situation, shot him in a car & he fled on foot. He stopped, raised his hands but was fatally shot.
#michaelbrown #justiceformichaelbrown #sayhisname
19. Ezell Ford, age 25, died Aug. 11, 2014
Ezell was walking down a street when racially profiled by cops. No drugs or weapons found. Startled, there was a scuffle. One cop drew a tazer, the other fired his gun & fatally shot Ezell. #justiceforezellford #ezellford #sayhisname
20. Dante Parker, age 36, died Aug. 12, 2014
Cops saw Dante riding a bike in an area where a house had been broken into. They tased him in custody & he died.
#justicefordanteparker #danteparker #sayhisname
21. Kajieme Powell, age 25, died Aug. 19, 2014
Suffering from mental illness, cops chose to fatally shoot Kajieme who they suspected of shoplifting at a convenience store close to where cops killed Michael Brown only 10 days before.
#Kajiemepowell #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
22. Laquan McDonald, age 17, died Oct. 20, 2014
Responding to reports that Laquan was in a street carrying a knife, he walked away from cops. He was shot once where he spun & fell, but the cop stood over him & shot 16x in 14-15 secs.
#justiceforLaquan #laquanmcdonald #sayhisname
23. Akai Gurley, age 28, died Nov. 20, 2014
Entered a stairwell to an apartment w/ his gf to have Thanksgiving & get his hair braided. They were met by 2 cops patrolling stairwells. One cop had his weapon drawn & fired a shot fatally wounding Akai.
#akaigurley #sayhisname
24. Tamir Rice, age 12, died Nov. 22, 2014
Killed while playing in a park with a toy gun. Someone called the cops on him as he literally played in a park. Cops arrived and opened fire on him within seconds of pulling up.
#tamirrice #justicefortamir #sayhisname #Blacklivesmatter
25. Rumain Brisbon, age 34, died Dec. 2, 2014
Someone called cops after a suspected drug deal. After a short foot chase, a cop fatally shot Rumain who was holding nothing but a pill bottle in his hands. #rumainbrisbon #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
26. Jerame Reid, age 36, died Dec. 30, 2014
Traffic stop for running through a stop sign. 2 cops kept screaming at Jerame to quit searching his car. He insisted he wasn’t. He was unarmed & hands were up when a cop shot hi in his car.
#justiceforjeramereid #jeramereid #sayhisname
27. Lavall Hall, age 25, Feb. 15, 2015
Suffering from a mental illness crisis, Lavall barricaded himself inside his Mom’s home. She called the cops to escort him to a mental hospital. He fled the house, scuffled w/ cops & they shot him.
#lavallhall #sayhisname
28. Charley Keunang, age 43, died Mar.1, 2015
Homeless & living on Skidrow, Charley was ordered out of his tent when cops were called due to his fights w/ someone else. A struggle ensued & 3 cops shot him.
#justiceforcharley #charleykeunang #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
29. Tony Terrell Robinson, Jr., age 19, died Mar. 6, 2015
Cops responded to calls from worried friends bc Tony was acting erratically. Cops arrived, a struggle ensued & Tony was shot. He was unarmed. As he lay gasping for breath, he was shot 3-4x.
#tonyrobinson #sayhisname
30. Anthony Hill, age 26, died Mar. 9, 2015
A veteran, suffered from PTSD & had a bipolar diagnosis. Having a mental health crisis at his apartment, he was naked & unarmed, acting erratic. A woman called for med attn, but cops arrived & shot him.
#anthonyhill #sayhisname
31. Walter Lamar Scott, age 50, died April 4, 2015
Walter was racially profiled during a traffic stop for a non-functioning brake light. Was driving to the repair shop. He fled is car. A cop tazed him, so he kept fleeing only to be shot in the back 5x.
#walterscott #sayhisname
32. Freddie Gray, age 25, died Apr. 19, 2015
Cops prowling Freddie’s neighborhood noticed him. He ran & after a chase was arrested & beaten. Bystanders recorded cops kneeling on him. Cops admitted a spinal injury led to his death.
#justiceforfreddiegray #freddiegray #sayhisname
33. Brendon Glenn, age 29, died May 5, 2015
Brendon had recently moved to LA from NY for work. Homeless & out late, he got into a scuffle w/ cops. Resisting arrest but not armed or a threat, he was fatally shot. His family settled w/ the city.
#brendonglenn #sayhisname
34. Samuel DuBose, age 43, died July 19, 2015
During a traffic stop for a missing front license plate. He didnt have his license w/ him. He was fatally shot. Cop claimed he was abt to be dragged away in the car, although cameras said otherwise.
#samueldubose #sayhisname
35. Christian Taylor, age 19, died Aug. 7, 2015
Christian was acting erratically, allegedly from synthetic drugs during a suspected burglary. He was unarmed. One cop was readying his tazer when another decided to shoot Christian instead.
#christiantaylor #sayhisname
36. Jamar Clark, age 24, died Nov. 15, 2015
At a birthday party, there was a scuffle between 2 ppl. Jamar stepped in to stop the fight. He & his gf left & paramedics were called. Jamar was on the ground, arrested w/ a knee on his chest where he was shot.
#jamarclark #sayhisname
37. Mario Woods, age 26, died Dec. 2, 2015
Suspected of stabbing, Mario was shot 20x w/o attempts to de-escalate. #justiceformariowood #mariowoods #sayhisname
38. Quintonio LeGrier, age 19, died Dec. 26, 2015
Having a mental health crisis, Quintonio’s Dad called 911. Instead of de-escalating, cops arrived & fatally shot him.
His mom settled w/ the city but the judgement was overturned 2 yrs later. #quintoniolegrier #sayhisname
39. Gregory Gunn, age 58, died Feb. 25, 2016
Racially profiled in his neighborhood, Gregory was walking home after a card game. He was unarmed. Cops wanted to stop & frisk, so he fled. They shot Gregory 7x. His family settled in court in 2020.
#gregorygunn #sayhisname
40. Akiel Denkins, age 24, died Feb. 29, 2016
Allegedly fleeing from police trying to arrest him. He hopped a fence & was pursued by cops. One apparently fell & opened fire, shooting Akiel in the back.
#justiceforAkiel #akieldenkins #sayhisname
41. Alton Sterling, age 37, died July 5, 2016
Selling CDs outside a convenience store. Cops attempting to control Alton’s arms shot him. His family settled a wrongful death suit in 2021.
#Altonsterling #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
42. Philando Castile, age 32, died July 6, 2016
A passenger in his gf’s car, they were pulled over for a “busted tail light.” Philando was asked for his ID which the cop did not give him time to get before fatally shooting him.
#justiceforphilando #philandocastile #sayhisname
43. Joseph Mann, age 51, died July 11, 2016
Mentally ill & homeless, Joseph was acting erratically. He had a knife but no gun. Cops dash cam audio recorded “fuck this guy, I’m going to hit him.” “Go for it.” They tried to hit him, got out & shot him 14x.
#josephmann #sayhisname
44. Paul O’Neal, age 18, died July 28, 2016
After a high speed chase, Paul fled. He was unarmed. He was fatally shot in the back. His death was ruled a homicide but no charges against the cops were filed. #justiceforpauloneal #pauloneal #sayhisname
45. Jamarion Rashad Robinson, age 26, died Aug. 5, 2016
Diagnosed w/ schizophrenia, Jamarion was having a crisis. His Mom told officers of his diagnosis. Refusing to leave his gf’s apt, cops shot him 76x. Handcuffed &dragged his body down stairs.
#jamarionrobinson #sayhisname
46. Terrence Sterling, age 31, died Sept. 11, 2016
Driving a motorcycle, a cop alleged Terrence was driving erratically. Cops in DC aren't to pursue vehicles for traffic violations, but cop did anyway. Cut his bodycam & fatally shot Terrence.
#terrencesterling #sayhisname
47. Terence Crutcher, age 40, died Sept. 16, 2016
Unarmed, Terence was standing outside his vehicle with his hands in the air. A cop fatally shot him anyway.
#justiceforterencecrutcher #terencecrutcher #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
48. Keith Lamont Scott, age 43, Sept. 20, 2016
In his car, reading a book in a parking lot. Plain clothes cops allege he was smoking weed. He'd previously suffered brain damage in an accident. His hands were at his side & he was facing away.
#keithlamontscott #sayhisname
49. Alfred Olango, age 38, died Sept. 27, 2016
Suffering a mental health crisis after the death of a childhood friend, calls were made for psychiatric aid. Cops arrived, he retreated to a corner. Police allege he drew an object, they tased & shot him.
#alfredolango #sayhisname
50. Jordan Edwards, age 15, April 29, 2017
After leaving a party, Jordan was a passenger in the front seat of a car. Cops arrived, started firing. Jordan was shot in the back of the head when rounds were fired into the parked car.
#justiceforjordan #jordanedwards #sayhisname
51. DeJuan Guillory, age 27, died July 6, 2017
Riding an ATV on a gravel road w/ his gf, DeJuan was pulled over by a cop asking for ID. There was a scuffle, Dejuan was shot &his gf was later charged w/ attempted murder for trying to fend off a cop. #dejuanguillory #sayhisname
52. Patrick Harmon, age 50, died Aug. 13, 2017
Riding his bike w/o “proper lighting.” He fled when the cops discovered an outstanding warrant. In possession of a knife, he was running when he was shot in the back. He was also tased after he was shot. #patrickharmon #sayhisname
53. Kwame “KK” Jones, age 17, Jan. 5, 2018
He was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped, an “exchange” ensued w/ another passenger. Cops killed Kwame who was in the front passenger seat. He was unarmed. His Mom was never notified of his death by cops.
#kwamejones #sayhisname
54. Stephon Clark, age 22, March 18, 2018
Holding a phone in his grandma’s backyard, the cops fired 20 rounds. Cops had been called to investigate someone breaking car windows. They waited 5 mins before approaching his body.
#stephonclark #justiceforstephonclark #sayhisname
55. Danny Ray Thomas, age 34, died March 22, 2018
Having a mental health crisis, Danny argued on a street corner w/ another man. A cop pulled up &Danny (unarmed) shuffled towards cop w/ his pants around his ankle. W/in 30 secs Danny was fatally shot.
#dannyraythomas #sayhisname
56. Grechario Tyzavian Mack, age 30, died, April 10, 2018
Having a mental health crisis, Grechario was waving a knife. After he was shot, he was sitting up, so two cops opened fire at him again. #justiceforgrechariomack #grechariomack #sayhisname
57. Marcus-David Peters, age 24, died May 14, 2018
Mental health crisis, he was in a car accident. Pursued by cops, he exited his car naked & in distress. He was hit by a car but got up, before being tased & shot by a cop.
#marcusdavidpeters #justiceformarcuspeters #sayhisname
58. Maurice Granton Jr., age 24, died June 6, 2018
Racially profiled, Maurice ran from cops. Cops shot him in the back & refused to release footage saying he was armed. Released footage reveals he was unarmed. His Dad is still waiting for answers. #mauricegranton #sayhisname
59. Robert Lawrence White, age 41, died June 11, 2018
Walking in a neighborhood (Robert went on treks as therapy after the death of his Dad in 2016), cops responded to an unrelated hang-up call & encountered a “suspicious person.” He was fatally shot.
#robertwhite #sayhisname
60. Antwon Rose Jr., age 17, died June 19, 2018
Passenger in a drive-by shooting. There was no gun residue on his hands. He was unarmed.
#antwonrose #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
61. Markeis McGlockton, age 28, died July 19, 2018
His girlfriend had parked in a disabled parking space w/o a placard. Wyte man took it upon himself to verbally assault him. Markeis got out of the car & was shot w/in 2 ½ secs.
#justiceformarkeis #markeismcglockton #sayhisname
62. Botham Shem Jean, age 26, died Sept. 6, 2018
Botham was eating ice cream on a couch in his apartment. A police officer stormed in and shot him pretending that was her apartment.
#bothamjean #justiceforbotham #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
63. DeAndre Ballard, 23, died Sept. 17, 2018
Walking barefoot, in shorts & a tank top on campus, he was likely racially profiled & shot by an on-campus security guard. Unarmed. DeAndre’s family is still w/o answers.
#justicefordre #deandreballard #sayhisname
64. Jemel Roberson, age 26, died Nov. 11, 2018
Working as a bodyguard, he was able to subdue & pin down a gunman who had shot 4 ppl. Cops showed up & fatally shot him instead.
#justiceforjemelroberson #justiceforjemel #jamelroberson #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
65. Emantic Fitzgerald (EJ) Bradford Jr., age 21, died Nov. 22, 2018
Cops were called to a mall shooting & mistook EJ for the shooter. He was not involved he just happened to be near the crime scene. He legally owned weapon, but that made no difference.
#EJbradford #sayhisname
66. Jonathan Hart, age 21, died, Dec. 2, 2018
Jonathan was homeless. Accused of shoplifting a $2.99 flavored water w/ a friend, a security guard confronted them. He was fatally shot. Security footage showed no evidence of theft. #jonathanhart #sayhisname
67. D’ettrick Griffin, age 18, died Jan. 15, 2019
Conflicting info about an encounter at a gas station w/ a plain clothes officer who fatally shot D’ettrick. He was unarmed. His family has filed a wrongful death suit.
#dettrickgriffin #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
68. Jimmy Atchison, age 21, died Jan. 23, 2019
Ran and hid from the FBI in a friend’s closet. He was found, had his hands up & was shot in the face. His family has filed a wrongful death suit.
#justiceforjimmyatchison #jimmyatchison #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
69. Willie McCoy (Willie Bo), age 20, died Feb. 9, 2019
Asleep in his car at a Taco Bell. 6 cops approached and fired 55 bullets in 3.5 seconds.
#justiceforwilliemccoy #williemccoy #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
70. Miles Hall, age 23, died June 2, 2019
During a mental health crisis, Miles was in his yard. His Mom phoned the cops just to let them know he was not a threat (in case others called) & that he needed treatment. They showed up & shot him.
#MilesHall #sayhisname
71. Ryan Twyman, age 24, died June 6, 2019
Racially profiled while sitting in his parked car. It took 2 officers 50 seconds to shoot him 34 times in his front seat.
#justiceforryantwyman #ryantwyman #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
72. JaQuavion Slaton, age 20, died June 9, 2019
Police had intented on arresting JaQuavion on acct of an outstanding warrant. He ran from a car after a traffic stop & was shot 6 times by 3 cops.
#justiceforjaquavion #jaquavionslaton #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
73. Brandon Webber, age 20, died June 12, 2019
Outstanding warrants, he tried to flee and was fatally shot 20x in his grandmother’s yard. The family is in court over wrongful death.
#justiceforbrandonwebber #brandonwebber #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
74. Eric Logan, age 54, died June 16, 2019
Racially profiled, accused of stealing. Shot by a cop who drove Eric to the hospital instead of quickly calling for medical attn.
#justiceforEriclogan #Ericlogan #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
75. Elijah Jovan McClain, age 23, died Aug. 30, 2019
Aug. 24, most likely dancing down a street (gifted musically). 911 call bc he was “flailing.” Had a ski mask on bc anemia made him cold. Cops came, handcuffed, threatened & put him in a chokehold.
#ElijahMcClain #sayhisname
76. Christopher Whitfield, age 31, died Oct. 14, 2019
Mental health issues. Accused of stealing raw chicken from a store, he was fatally shot.
#christoperwhitfield #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
77. Ariane McCree, age 28, died Nov. 23, 2019
Suspected of shoplifting at Wal-Mart, he was handcuffed with his hands behind his back. He ran away from cops when they shot and killed him. He was unarmed.
#arianeMcCree #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
78. Michael Dean, age 28, died Dec. 2, 2019
Came to a rolling stop at a stopsign after buying a birthday cake for his daughter. Police began chase. Cop approached Michael w/ gun drawn, tried to grab keys from his car & fired the gun at Michael's head.
#michaeldean #sayhisname
79. Jamee Johnson, age 22 , Dec. 14, 2019
Driving without a seatbelt, he was pulled over. Cops detected the smell of weed. After a scuffle w/ the cops, he was shot. He said he was “ready to give up” & that he couldn’t breathe. He died in hospital.
#jameejohnson #sayhisname
80. Samuel David Mallard, age 19, Jan. 16, 2020
Eluding cops in his vehicle, the cops blocked him, confronted him, gave verbal commands & fatally shot him.
#SamuelMallard #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
81. Darius Tarver, age 23, died Jan. 21, 2020
Darius was exhibiting signs of a brain injury after a recent near-fatal accident. Barricaded in his room, his roommate called 911 out of concern. Cops arrived &instead of deescalating they tazed &shot him.
#dariustarver #sayhisname
82. William H. Green, age 43, died Jan. 27, 2020
Pulled over while driving aftr hitting several cars. Handcuffed w/ his hands behind his back & sitting in the police car when he was shot 6x. Unarmed. His family filed a wrongful death suit & won.
#williamgreen #sayhisname
83. Ahmaud Marquez Arbery, age 25, died Feb. 23, 2020
Jogging, Ahmaud was pursued by armed wyte men who racially profiled him. Enabled by the cops, (one murderer a former cop himself) they stalked, harassed & shot him. He was unarmed.
#justiceforahmaud #ahmaudarbery #sayhisname
84. Manuel Ellis, age 33, died March 3, 2020
Walking home from church. He was unarmed. Racially profiled by cops, he was shot and killed.
#justiceformanuelellis #manuelellis #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
85. Daniel Prude, age 41, died March 23, 2020
Daniel was having a psychotic episode. His worried bro called cops who placed a mesh hood over Daniel's head. Kept his head on the pavement & he lost consciousness & died. Attempted to cover up his death.
#danielprude #sayhisname
86. Steven Demarco Taylor, age 33, died April 18, 2020
Racially profiled. Accused of trying to steal from Wal-mart. Investigations after he was tased 2x & shot proved he was unarmed & there was no evidence of theft. He posed no threat.
#stevendemarcotaylor #sayhisname
87. Dreasjon “Sean” Reed, age 21, died May 6, 2020
Fled cops after erratic driving. Got out to run, was tased & shot. A cop is caught on the recording saying “I think it’s going to be closed casket homie.”
#seanreed #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
88. McHale Rose, age 19, died May 7, 2020
Falsely accused of burglary, shot while down on the ground.
#mchalerose #justiceformchale #SayHisName #BlackLivesMatter
89. Finan H. Berhe, age 30, died May 8, 2020
Was brandishing a knife. Cops have been instructed not to shoot to kill in such an instance or use nonlethal force. They did not. They killed him instead.
#finanberhe #sayhisname #Blacklivesmatter
90. Yassin Mohamed, age 47, died May 9, 2020
Suffering from mental health issues. Was throwing rocks at cops so they shot & killed him. Unarmed (apart from holding a rock).
#yassinmohamed #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
91. Maurice Gordon, age 28, died May 22, 2020
Having trouble w/ his car, cops profiled him. Maurice opted to sit in the police car until a tow truck arrived. He got out argued w/ a cop & was fatally shot.
#mauricegordon #justiceformauricegordon #sayhisname #BlackLivesMatter
92. George Perry Floyd Jr., age 46, died May 25, 2020
Cops were called after George used a counterfeit $20. Arrested & handcuffed him. He explained he was claustrophobic. Had difficulty breathing. Cops held him down. One knelt on his neck killing him.
#Georgefloyd #sayhisname
93. Tony McDade, age 38, died May 27, 2020
Suffering from mental illness, he had just attacked someone. Cops could have de-escalated but chose to shoot instead.
#TonyMcDade #justiceforTonyMcDade
94. Malik Jackson, age 21, died May 27, 2020.
A victim of Tony McDade killed in the moments before Tony was shot by police. We remember him as a victim of a vicious cycle & recognize the need for better mental health facilities. #malikjackson #sayhisname
95. David McAtee, age 53, died June 1, 2020
Crowds rushed to McAtee’s restaurant (which he owned) after curfew in Louisville. He was shot in the chest & his body remained on the ground between 12-14 hours. Unarmed.
#davidmcatee #justicefordavidmcatee #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
96. Rashard Brooks, age 27, died June 12, 2020
After a complaint that someone was asleep in his car in a Wendy’s drive-thru parking lot. Cops arrived tried to arrest Rashard &he tried to flee. He was fatally shot.
#rashardbrooks #justiceforrayshard #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
97. De’Von Bailey, age 19, died Aug. 3, 2020
Pursued by police, De’Von had his hands up & was still fatally shot in the back.
#DeVonBailey #justicefordevonbailey #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
98. Trayford Pellerin, age 31, died Aug. 21, 2020
In possession of a knife, but was simply walking away from police, so they shot him.
#Trayfordpellerin #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
99. Jacob Blake, age 29, shot and SURVIVED Aug. 23, 2020
Jacob pulled up in his car & intervened to stop a dispute between several women. Cops arrived, immediately got aggressive with Jacob & eventually shot him causing paralysis. He survived.
#jacobblake #sayhisname
100. Damian Lamar Daniels, age 30, died Aug. 25, 2020
Damian was suffering from mental distress/PTSD at his home. He was meant to be detained to go to a mental health facility but was shot and killed instead.
#damianlamar #justicefordamianlamar #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
101. Dijon Kizzee, age 29, died Aug. 31, 2020
Allegedly committing a traffic violation while riding his bicycle. He was unarmed. He tried to flee but was caught and shot 20 times.
#dijonkizzee #justicefordijonkizzee #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
102. Deon Kay, age 18, died Sept. 2, 2020
Running away from police, Deon tried to discard his weapon and had his hands raised when police shot him.
#deonkay #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
103. Kurt Andras Reinhold, age 42, died Sept. 23, 2020
Kurt was at present homeless and cops targeted him for jaywalking. He was unarmed. They argued with him and eventually fatally shot him.
#kurtreinhold #justiceforkurtreinhold #SayHisName #BlackLivesMatter
104. Jonathan Price, age 31, died Oct. 3, 2020
Jonathan tried to stop a domestic dispute at a gas station. He stopped intervening when cops arrived. Tried to shake the cop’s hand, turned to walk away & was fatally shot in the back. He was unarmed.
#jonathanprice #sayhisname
105. Marcellis Stinnette, age 19, died Oct. 20, 2020
Passenger parked in front of his girlfriend’s mom’s house. Cops said they were “suspicious.” They left & were stopped by different cops who opened fire. Marcellis’ girlfriend survived. Unarmed.
#marcellisstinnette #sayhisname
106. Walter Wallace Jr., age 27, died Oct. 26. 2020
Suffering from mental illness & needed a wellness check. Red Cross was called but police came & shot him.
#walterwallace #justiceforwalterwallace #sayhisname #BlackLivesMatter
107. Frederick Cox, age 18, died Nov. 8, 2020
Shot by cop while he was shielding his family from shots fired by cops (in a driveby) at a funeral. Unarmed
#justiceforfrederick #SayHisName #BlackLivesMatter
108. Sincere Pierce, age 18, died Nov. 13, 2020
Racially profiled and accused of driving a stolen vehicle. Turned out it wasn’t stolen (after he was fatally shot). He was unarmed.
#sincerepierce #justiceforsincerepierce #sayhisname #Blacklivesmatter
109. A.J. Crooms, age 16, died Nov. 13, 2020
Being a passenger in what police “mistook” as a stolen vehicle. He was unarmed.
#AJCrooms #justiceforAJCrooms #sayhisname #BlackLivesMatter
110. Rodney Applewhite, age 25, died Nov. 19, 2020
Travelling home for Thanksgiving he was racially profiled and pulled over for nothing at an alleged traffic stop. He was unarmed.
#rodneyapplewhite #sayhisname #BlackLivesMatter
111. Joshua Feast, age 22, died Dec. 9, 2020
He was fleeing a cop who shot him in the back. The murderous cop has a history of abuse. Video was not released, but the coroner’s report corroborated eye witness accounts.
#joshuafeast #sayhisname #BlackLivesMatter
112. Casey Goodson Jr., age 23, died Dec. 4, 2020
Shot 6x in the back while holding a Subway sandwich & trying to enter his home. Mistaken for a “violent offender.” He was bringing food home for his little bro.
#caseygoodson #justiceforcaseygoodson #sayhisname #BlackLivesMatter
113. Andre’ Hill, age 47, died Dec. 22, 2020
A non-emergency 311 call for noise disturbance in the neighborhood brought a cop to Hill. Unclear if it was his car making noise but he had just turned it on to leave a friend’s house. Shot 4x. Unarmed.
#andrehill #sayhisname
114. Dolal Idd, age 23, died Dec. 30, 2020
Exchanged gunfire with cops. Ruled a homicide for excessive force, as 3 police opened fire. A similar incident w/ a wyte Latinx man resulted in an arrest.
#justicefordolal #dolalidd #sayhisname #BlackLivesMatter
115. Carl Dorsey III, age 39, died Jan. 1, 2021
Shot with hands up, complying and backing away from cops to reassure them he was no threat. He was unarmed.
#justiceforcarldorsey #carldorseyIII #SayHisName #BlackLivesMatter
116. Xzavier Hill, age 18, died Jan. 9, 2021
High speed chase ended with Xzavier in a ditch. He couldn’t open his door and explained that to the cops. Cops allege he was armed and fatally shot him. His mother is seeking answers.
#justiceforxzavier #xzavierhill #SayHisName
117. Patrick Warren Sr., age 52, died Jan. 10, 2021
Family called for a wellness check. Patrick Warren did not want a police officer there, but rather a resource worker. Refusing to go to the hospital, he was shot & killed. Unarmed.
#patrickwarren #SayHisName #BlackLivesMatter
118. Marvin David Scott III, age 26, died March 14, 2021
Arrested for possession of less than 2ounces of weed. Transferred to a Texas detention center he died 4 hrs later. Marvin's family is still seeking answers.
#marvinscott #justiceformarvinscott #SayHisName #BlackLivesMatter
119. Duante Wright, age 20, died April 11, 2021
Traffic violation of having an air freshener in the mirror. Cop reached for her gun instead of taser. Duante was unarmed.
#JusticeForDuanteWright #JusticeforDuante #SayHisName #BlackLivesMatter
120. Matthew Zadok Williams, age 35, died April 12, 2021
Possibly dealing w/ a plumbing situation at home, cops showed up by surprise. He had no warrants. Cops refuse to share footage. He was unarmed. https://bit.ly/3t2WaHX 
#JusticeForZadok #JusticeForMatthewZadok #SayHisName
121. Lindani Myeni, age 29, died April 14, 2021
On a mission trip to Hawaii, Lindani took off his shoes in a strangers home as he entered to speak to them. Cops were called &immediately escalated situation treating him like a threat.
#LindaniMyeni #SayHisName #BlackLivesMatter
122. Andrew Brown Jr., age 42, died April 21, 2021
Allegedly while serving a warrant, cops fatally shot him. FBI now involved as autopsy confirms he was shot in the back of the head. Cops refuse to release footage.
#JusticeForAndrewBrown #Andrewbrown #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
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