Has the govt. outwitted the pharma lobby? 🧵

- Opened vaccines on mkt access basis
- Allowed states & pvt hospitals open procurement
- Let SII & Bharat Biotech raise prices. Knew states would be in disarray due to no budgets & no strategy in place

#COVID19 #COVIDEmergency
- Pfizer & Moderna would have been happy at the price rise. A country of Indias size with annual boosters strategy in place was a revenue goldmine!
- But as expected opposition & states started asking for price reduction
- Govt now in 'talks' to reduce prices & already the effect
- Suddenly the whole 'India collapsing' narrative hard work that 'opened' the mkt in first place is now shaky for Pfizer & Moderna
- On top of this, Covaxin is now even spoken by Dr. Fauci to control the B1.617 variant. Demand for it will rise globally!
- Govt knew this & already gave advance funds to ramp up production
- Our NSA spoke to US NSA for unblocking raw materials for Covishield. Why NSA? Clear msg to US of partnership impact! Immediately blocks removed.
- With prices of vaccines down & likely to come down, mkt gone for Pfizer & Moderna. So much so for their 'won't give test data etc' tantrums!

And hence you suddenly see some new 'mktng agents' coming out today for Pfizer. Too late though!

#AstraZeneca #Pfizer #Moderna #vaccine
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