Jews were murdered less than 100 years ago for being, as the Nazis themselves put it, Oriental/Negroid "mongrels".

In other words, for not being white.

Fast forward to today, the same cultural/social force responsible for the Holocaust has now deemed us "white".

But why?
Because whiteness in modern parlance means power. It means privilege. Classic antisemitic charges that cannot, and will not, stick unless Jews can be refitted into the mantle of whiteness.

Thus, not only are Jews white, we are whites on steroids. Whiteness Prime.
But more than that, whiteness in modern parlance means "Europeanness", as in "Jews, you're not Middle Eastern, get out of Palestine and go rejoin your REAL cousins in Europe and North America!"

It is vile erasure and designed to be a humiliating slap in the face to Jews.
And with that, all of Europe's bloody history of racism, colonialism, pillaging, enslavement, and murder are now said to be our history. Our legacy.

Despite the fact that we never benefited from these crimes and were, instead, on the receiving end of them.
European civilization, the same one that otherized us and sought our extinction for 2000 years, is now said to be our civilization. Our heritage.

European culture, which we had been barred from even *participating* in until the 19th century, is now said to be OUR culture.
Europeans, the same people that extinguished 1/3 of our entire population for being foreign Asiatics, are now said to be our cousins. Just of a "different religious persuasion".
Meanwhile, the very things we suffered so horribly for - our Middle Eastern identity, culture, and heritage - have been artificially voided out by the authors of the popular zeitgeist. As if we never suffered for these things. As if we never really had them to begin with.
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