in the video's background: the wounded elephant's low rumble. That sound continues on and off throughout the video. LaPierre had his earplugs in and didn't hear his PH warn him 2/
not to shoot. "You said, 'Wait'?" LaPierre is not only a terrible shot (his first bullet was more than a foot off target), he shot too soon. His wife #SusanLaPierre kills her elephant and laughs over it. 3/
When importing the trophies, the couple concealed their identities: "The Master Airway Bill was in the name of a taxidermist, whom Makris’s company paid to turn the animals’ front feet into stools for Wayne and Susan’s home." 4/
As I've said before I've watched countless video of incompetent American hunters wounding African wildlife. This hunt took place 18 mos before Botswana imposed a total ban on hunting, since lifted. 5/
Last month the Savannah Elephant was declared a separate species from the Forest Elephant, and officially declared Endangered. Elephant hunting season in Botswana opened April 6 6/
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