Sorry, don’t like to do quote tweet battles, but this is not the view of the Tayy in Qamishli who are pro-government. They have an animosity not just towards the AANES, but Kurds in general. NDF in the Tayy neighborhood were all Tayy. AANES has to earn goodwill here.
This is not the first time the AANES has taken over a territory from government forces where the population is anti-AANES and anti-Kurdish. Ghewran neighborhood is an excellent example of this. These people see the capture as a Kurdish conquest of their territory.
Effective and compassionate governance is possible here, and the AANES has moved towards that by providing food, medical, and fuel aid, as well as opening up the city and restoring services. But it is inaccurate to portray the populace as desperate for liberation.
I should also state that if authorities can contain unrest and provide better services than the government (who were actively hoarding international aid) then it can be a success story. But it has to be earned. It is not automatic.
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