Absolutely flabbergasted by how good of a metaphor lucid dreaming is for enlightenment. Once you realise dream is dream it stops being dream: it’s now a lucid dream, a different KIND of thing with DIFFERENT possibilities: not just reactive + crafting stories but ACTUALLY AGENTIC
It's like... By default you live inside mind, you live inside map land and you're unaware of *that*. And notably any sentence trying to tell you that get parsed *inside map-land*. The system is closed, self-referential. Once you look at the WHOLE system: waking up.
Waking up, Awakening. You thought you were in one modality (reality) but then you REAL-ise you weren't and that you were confused.
You thought you were dealing with reality but then you REAL-ise you were dealing with thought instead.
Notably mind CAN tag something as real OR NOT independent of its reality: imagination tagged as not-real is imagination, imagination tagged as real is hallucination.
The proposal is that there is mass hallucination going on by default, but how do you explode people out of it?
"Enlightenment is an accident, meditation makes you accident prone". Meditation: constant training in noticing you're not following the breath anymore (attending to sensations) but lost in thought instead. Is this any different IN STRUCTURE from lucidity checks?
Loss of delusion = I thought I was awake but actually I'm dreaming = I thought I was interacting with territory but it's actually map = I thought the modality of intentionality was perception but it was actually imagination https://twitter.com/HanjoYoutaku/status/1374981644176736256?s=20
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