We are seeing the controlled demolition of society through division & medical tyranny. Once society has been sufficiently unzipped, disclosure will begin. It will involve telling humanity that mars is the home of our progenitors & that we were created through genetic modification
This idea, while initially satisfying to many UFOlogists and NewAgers, will psychologically place humanity beneath certain groups and suggest that human beings are a purely slave race. Making humanity think they are slaves is key here...
The introduction of humanity as a slave race with no higher origin or natural development process of their own, is an imperative part of "disclosure" as it makes humanity believe they are less divine and ultimately subservient to their apparent human ET makers.
Of course, the Mars migration was only one migration that earth humanity has experienced. The Mars migration involved humans coming here b/c they destroyed their planet due to too much technology and no spirituality or emotional intelligence to balance it out.
Humanity is at a point where we are going to see a similar initiation today, we can choose organic evolution, or synthetic evolution (trans-humanism). This means we are actually surpassing these "Martian" individuals in development. In truth, we are anything but a slave race.
We will go through waves of this false, manipulative disclosure, perhaps picking up steam in around September/Fall.
This current choas in the world is really an elaborate scheme to destroy society as we know it, and then consolidate power through introducing a hypnotic origin story to spiritually confuse people and psychologically make humanity submissive.
Once the spirit and mind are captured, extremely advanced technologies will be introduced as the answer to our problems. Of course, only a desperate, broken down populace would accept such lies & manipulations...
At the end of the day, it will open up conversations about the true nature of humanity and also the role of the planetary spheres and the procession of higher beings that assist us and the exact way in which they assist. Spiritual Science will take root. We will have earned it.
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