Since I know there’s a lot of job seekers in sports social media that are really discouraged lately by what seems like endless applications with few (if any) interviews, I have some insight to share on Teamwork job posts (thread)
First off, there’s nothing “wrong” with Teamwork. The platform is perfectly sufficient.

Any issues are based around the hiring processes or many companies that use Teamwork, not the platform itself.

Fact is, at least half the postings are roles that never get filled (Cont.)
That’s right, they never get filled. Lots of times, the company was planning on promoting someone from within all along. Yet they’re contractually obligated to post the job. When you don’t hear anything, it’s not that you were unqualified...there was never really an opening. Cont
Also, a good amount of times, companies never end up filling the jobs because they were often too disorganized to really know what they wanted to begin with.

When you see what appears to be the same job posted every 2 months, it’s because it was never filled to begin with. Cont.
This results in applicants applying for a TON of jobs that were never open to begin with.

When you don’t hear something or get automated rejections, it creates the internal perception that you keep getting rejected for jobs, when the % of rejections is actually far lower (Cont.)
This doesn’t mean to keep “only” applying on Teamwork & expect to get a break. Most jobs that ARE filled aren’t filled with an anonymous applicant.

More than likely, it’s someone the hiring manager has either networked with before or was recommended by a friend of the HM (Cont)
Teamwork is useful as a North Star for knowing many jobs that are open.

But you need to be doing other things also to establish contact, rather than relying on your application.

Also, many jobs are never posted. Only way to find out about these is to sharpen your network (Cont)
It’s a rough job market, I get it.

I myself was a pandemic casualty whose biggest issue is there’s 1 specific thing I want to do, but there hasn’t been an opening in this that’s actually been filled in 19 months.

Keep the faith. The system makes it seem worse for you than it is
Lastly, also consider this: The average posting gets 100+ applicants. Several get 300+

Coming in 2nd is the same as coming in 300th. Only 1st place gets the job.

So you may be coming in 2nd or 3rd lots of times & not know it.

You may be way closer than you think.
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