1. Don’t tell me #BlackLivesMatter , that you value indigenous communities , & that you don’t ascribe to ableism if you are anti-vaccine or refuse to wear a mask in public. Black & Native people are dying of Covid at a disproportionate rate along with those w/ health challenges.
2. Vaccinations & Mask Wearing for those who belong to the dominate culture who also enjoy the benefits of social power & privilege is a humanitarian issue, social justice issue, & a matter of both healthy patriotism & love of neighbor.
3. In case it wasn’t clear, this message is for white folks. Communities like black community have ample reason to avoid vaccine. Many black people are suspect b/c White America has done medical experimentation on black bodies; so, white people should lead way on vaccinations.
4. I encourage black people to get vaccinated, I support vaccinations for all, but there are legitimate reasons why black community is cautious & suspect of vaccinations. My point is, given this history, white people should lead way in vaccinations rather than be most obstinate.
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