Some snowflakes are mad that I have highlighted Ugrahan’s statement where he called youth as Khalistani funded & also attacked other unions. These anon accounts have been defending everything from Baldev Mann rally to this recent statement. Denial mode?
While some of these minions are crazily using hashtag muh ‘five months of farmers protest’, the dumbf’s have no clue that protest started in September 2020. But anyway I give that to them because when I was writing about it they were enjoying their McDonald’s after day shift.
I have defended the unions from the umbrella tag of ‘comrades’ by putting up this thread here that highlights that unions had their roles in bettering Punjab with actual Akalis of the past.

My appreciation tweet for unions
Now the big question & I think the difference is that I don’t believe in dirtying the word Khalistani and using it like Indian media or police does. Ugrahan has used it in that manner. The snowflakes defending him are no better than Godi media that calls protests funded by K.
My questions
1. What is Ugrahan’s source on Funding allegation & why has he not approached NIA for that?

2. Why is he so threatened by mere Lakha Sidhana?

3. Why has he dented other Union leaders accusing them of having political motives.

Sort yourselves kids.
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