Madiha Afzal also reiterated in her book ‘Pakistan under siege’ that Pakistan is obsessed with India. Like Husain Haqqani, she ignores the fact that India is the world's third biggest military spender in 2020. Along with this:

1. India has deployed 10 out of it's 14 corps...
..exclusively for Pakistan on its western front despite of losing 43,000 sq km of land, equivalent to the area of Switzerland, in the 1962 Sino-Indian war.
2. 81% of IAF bases are configured against Pak
3. Amassed enough fissile material to make 2600 nuclear weapons.
4. Missile groups have been raised and directed against Pakistan
5. As per the latest SIPRI report for 2020, India's defense spending is $72 billion out of which $18.52 billion has been allocated for buying equipment; more than total military spending of Pakistan.
6. Though Pakistan's strategy of ‘resolve-prudence stand off’ succeeded in the Balakot episode and the subsequent air battle in 2019 but Modi's preposterous bluster of ‘Qatal Ke Rat’ showed that India was willing to nuclearise the conflict in the initial stages.
7. Back in October 2010 when the US-Pakistan strategic dialogue was held, General Kayani told President Obama categorically that:

“Ignoring Indian military presence (strike corps and three dozen airfields) on the eastern border would be a dereliction of duty for any Army Chief“
8. President Obama has written in his new book, “A Promised Land” that:

“Violence, both public and private, remained an all-too-pervasive part of Indian life. Expressing hostility towards Pakistan was still the quickest route to national unity”
9. While Pakistan was engaged against TTP on its western front, India introduced it's pro active operations war strategy for Pakistan in 2008 after conducting a number of military exercises e.g Poorna Vijay (2001), Vijay Chakra, Divya Astra, Vajra Shakti (May 2005)...
Desert Strike (Nov 2005) and Sanghe Shakti (May 2006). In response, General Kayani neutralized the threat after testing his new doctrine in a series of war games called Azm e Nau (Fresh Resolve). Pak had deployed just 80K troops on eastern front at the peak of war against terror.
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