Just working on a Namibia blog & feel the need to share: If you think you’ve ‘done’ Africa, but haven’t been to Namibia you still have so much to look forward to. This beautiful county of spectacular landscapes & unique culture is home to elephant, lion, black rhino & cheetah 1/
Add in the unique desert adapted species & glorious panoramic scenery and it’s quite a destination. The roads are pretty good too so a self-drive or guided itinerary works well alongside the more traditional light aircraft flights - a one country destination full of surprises 2/
Most visitors return from Namibia raving about the scenery, the colours & changing hues. Perhaps most spectacular is the Namib Naukluft Desert where everywhere you look you’ll see dramatic, arid beauty. Must see highlights: the majestic Sossusvlei Dunes & wild Skeleton Coast 3/
Namibia offers excellent walking with some particularly good rhino tracking options. Visit the coast for kayaking and fishing, while activities in the dune belt include sand boarding, quad biking and hot air ballooning. Etosha National Park is the place for big wildlife 4/
There’s accommodation to suit every taste, from the super-luxury of Little Ongava, or the spectacular desert setting of the Wolwedans collection of lodges to the simplicity of eco-friendly Etendeka Mountain Camp. Mix and match and you’ll have a wonderfully diverse holiday 5/
Venture into Kaokoland to see an Africa untouched by the modern age where the tiny human population is predominately Himba, ochred and braided guardians of their desert home, who drift in search of elusive grazing for their cattle 6/
Home to some of the continent’s finest guides, Namibia offers far more safari options than you might expect at first glance. Sandy, open terrain makes it a wonderful destination for a riding safari, perfect for experienced riders looking for something off the beaten track 7/
If you like what you’ve read on this thread about the possibilities in Namibia and want to find out more, do get in touch. End/
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