While these days I mainly focus on the bigger end of the energy transition (700% #renewables), for more than a decade I worked on community renewables and #solarforall. Given the @abc730 story last night on solar export charges I thought I would share a few facts...

Australia leads the world in rooftop solar uptake, with more than 1 in 5 households having solar on their roof. This is something to be proud of.
As a renter who lives in an apartment I am keenly aware that not all Australians can currently directly benefit from rooftop solar (though we all indirectly benefit - see previous tweet ). Indeed ~40% of Australian households are currently "locked out" of solar.

There are two possible responses to this fact.
The first - penalise existing solar owners (the route taken by those pushing the AEMC Rule Change).
The second - advocate for programs and new models that deliver #solarforall 🌞🌞🌞👇
The great team @CommunityPowerA, @Pingala_Energy and @EnovaEnergy are leading the charge - working on Australia's first Solar Garden. This project supported by the NSW Government is the kind of innovative solution we need.
I'm just so sad that when we know this decade is the critical decade on climate and we need to dramatically accelerate the transition to clean, #renewable energy, that so many people are focusing on a "solution" to an issue that will only slow the transition down.
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