From May 1, the present system of private COVID-19 vaccination centres receiving doses from the government and charging up to Rs 250 per dose from people will cease to exist and private hospitals will procure directly from vaccine manufacturers. #COVID19Vaccine #COVID19 #CoWin
2. This sounds like a recipe for disaster. How can you ask private hospitals to procure doses directly from manufacturers in a raging pandemic i dont understand.
#COVID #CoronavirusVaccine #COVID19 #CowinApp #CovidIndia #CoronavirusIndia
3. How will manufacturers deal with so many private hospitals and how will the logistics of directly dispatching different number of doses based on orders to each hospital directly from the manufacturer's factory work? #vaccine #CoronavirusIndia #COVID #CoWin #cowinregistration
4. The earlier system of govt procuring doses and giving to private hospitals which gave the vaccine at ₹250 per dose was a good system & it was working & it's how it's being done in every country with a successful vaccination drive as far as I know (prices may vary countrywise)
5. This is basically an escape route that the #Modi government took after for a year having total control on everything pertaining to vaccines, when they realized they are headed for a disaster as they failed to procure sufficient doses in advance and ...
5. & Overestimated the manufacturing capability & exported while making pompous proclaimations of saving the world through Indian vaccines. Now if there are no doses in any private hospital #ModiGovt will say it's the hospitals fault, it's the manufacturer's fault, it's not on us
6. Same for state govt hospitals that don't have doses. Central govt will say we are giving (few) doses in central govt hospitals, we are doing our job well. #ModiAbandonedIndia #CoronavirusVaccine #CoWin #COVID19 #CovidIndia #COVID
7. Governments in #India are worst at accepting failures. Because they don't accept failures they have to devise ways to deflect instead of trying to find solutions to overcome those failures. #ShameonModi #ModiAbandonedIndia @PMOIndia @narendramodi #COVID19 #CoWin #CovidIndia
8. Just like they are doing with #Remdesvir, #fabiflu etc where its full of black marketing and people needing influence to get it. Till now this didn't happen to vaccines. Now it will, with private hospitals having to procure #vaccines on their own directly from manufacturers.
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