What could possibly explain this strange phenomenon?

..& to the dullards who are saying this will be a boom for English workers. Think actually think about what you are suggesting.

You want Brexit to be a tool whereby we lose a particular cohort of young foreigners from doing modestly paid work and replace them with Brits....

..but the foreigners U.K. govt’s welcomes is for higher paid work.

In other words the role of Brexit is to create incentives for Brits to take lower skilled lower pay work...and foreigners to take higher paid work.

What sort of a country thinks this is good idea?

Surely any normal govt wants “it’s nationals” to get as high skilled & high paid” as possible while being open to young foreigners (who are no strain on NHS or education) to “pick up slack” in seasonal or high turnover modest pay areas.

Loving the Brexiter replies to this thread which uniquely combine the (discredited in 19th century) lump of Labour fallacy with Laisser-faire economics and nationalism.

I mean, I can see flashes of logic in all 3 - but the 3 combined in one is rather er *unique*...
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