Most people say that it takes years to learn programming

Maybe, if you don’t know how to learn

Here's how to transform years into months using Deliberate Practice

Most people perform "normal practice" which's why it takes so long to learn something new

Because normal practice luck of focus and the end goal

But the deliberate practice is different

The deliberate practice is a purposeful and systematic type of practice and learning
The key idea behind deliberate practice hidden behind these words:

"purposeful and systematic"

What do they mean?

Five things:

1. Teacher
2. Perform at maximum effort
3. Specific goal
4. Focus
5. Instant response to feedback

Let's deep dive into them
1. Teacher

You need to find a teacher who already learned what you only want to & who will provide activities designed to help you improve your performance

Without it, you can choose the wrong learning path and don't understand that you're stuck and walking around in circles
2. Perform at maximum effort

You need to constantly be taken out of your comfort zone

Always push yourself further taking on new challenges that will be at the edge of your possibilities

That will help you not get stuck at your level of knowledge and always grow
3. Specific goal

Before starting learning a new language you need to create a well defined and specific goal

That will help you to understand when you finally "learned" it and prevent endless learning

For that, ask yourself:

"What I want to achieve by learning X?"
4. Focus

When you're learning something, give your full attention to the things you're doing at the moment

Make sure that nothing can distract you while you are learning

• Remove all distractions
• Turn off notifications
5. Instant response to feedback and modifying your strategy

If you're learning something new and understand that this approach doesn't work for you, modify it

Adapt to the learning environment and don't be afraid to change learning strategy
When you start learning a new language, technology, framework, whatever, use deliberate practice to get big results as quickly as possible

– Nick
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