Infrastructure are the basic systems that undergird the structure of the economy. The term infrastructure first appeared in usage in the late 1880s. The word comes from French, with infra- meaning "below" and structure meaning "building." Infrastructure is the foundation upon 1/5
which the structure of the economy is built, often times quite literally. Some examples of infrastructure include transportation facilities, telecommunications network, and water supplies etc. Developing infrastructures are subdivided into the large scale infrastructure, which /2
is usually produced by the public sector or publicly regulated monopolies, Whereas the smaller scales infrastructure can often be produced by private firms or through local collective action.

Anambra state needs to project infrastructural developments as an investment, this /3
tends to be less volatile than some other asset classes, yielding results with a variety of systems and structures as long as there are physical components required. Willingness to give out supports and similarly encourage the physical cabling and components making up the data /4
network of companies operating within a specific location must be "Sin qua non" (Something not to be compared).

Hence, for a progressive Anambra, the primary agenda towards infrastructure should be pragmatic development of Labour, standardized markets and Industrial policy. All
these are necessary to support business operations in Anambra State. This is because, infrastructure very often involves the production of either public goods or goods that lend themselves to production by natural monopolies, it is very typical to see public financing, control,
supervision, or regulation of infrastructure. This usually takes the form of direct government production or production by a closely regulated, legally sanctioned, and often subsidized monopoly. At smaller scales, infrastructure can also often take on the characteristics of club
goods or goods most readily produced by localized monopolies, and can be provided within the context of a private firm producing infrastructure for use within the firm or provided by localized arrangements of formal or informal collective action.

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