Yes. I am a BJP supporter and I have the courage to criticise Yogi Adityanath, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. The government used to listen to us and may just listen to us again.
But your reluctance to criticise Udhdhav Thackrey, Arvind Kejriwal, Capt. Amrinder Singh is cowardice.
You are resistance? Oh, please.

You are cowards who are acting as apologists for incompetent and third-grade administrators who are apathetic at best and chaos enablers at their worst. You are the dust on the shoes of murderers. Nothing else.
You think centre messed up? I think so to. On many counts. But does that exonerate your favorite states from responsibility? Health is a state subject. Isn't it? How many orders for ventilators were placed, how many oxygen plants were commissioned in your states? On State money?
For UP, Yogi is responsible. For MP, Shivraj is responsible. For Haryana, Khattar is responsible.

But for Maharashtra clusterfuck, Modi is responsible. For Chhattisgarh, Modi is responsible. For Punjab, Modi is responsible?

Your logic has been held hostage to your bias.
Should rallies by Modi & Co. have stopped earlier? Yes. I agree. Being PM, he was to lead by example.

But how did the rallies in WB led to 60k cases in Maharashtra? 50% positivity rate in Chhattisgarh?

Use your brains if it hasn't been corroded by memes you owe your life to.
If Shailja Teacher was the Person of the Year for managing Covid-19 crisis and went to western media to collect the awards, how is she not responsible for Kerala failing in contact tracing and practically supplying the virus to Karnataka and Tamilnadu? How does Modi come here?
So, with folded hands, I request you, the graduates of Canvas Laugh Club to think on your own and not be led by memes.

Every government has screwed up and we must demand accountability from everyone.

Do not make Covid your ally against Modi. You won't win. India won't win.
And since the only grievance of dolts is that while I have the courage, I haven't criticised BJP and the leaders mentioned in my tweet. Please ego through my Timeline. I have been consistent in my criticism of BJP and all it's leaders along with the leaders of other parties.
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