The ~$400B space economy is growing rapidly and today there is one company with the passion, technology, infrastructure, and scale that can potentially tango with @SpaceX.

Time for a breakdown 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
1️⃣ Rocket Lab ( @RocketLab) is positioned to deliver "end-to-end" solutions regarding the production of rockets, satellites, and assets supporting space infrastructure.
2️⃣ The company was founded by Peter Beck, who had a fascination with building rockets since childhood. This obsession has led him to create a company with the mission to make it easier to get to space and build an infrastructure that can benefit Earth.
3️⃣ The company has the potential to be a leader in targeting $62B out of the $368B space economy. The market from the company's view is divided in the following categories:

✔️Launch: $10B
✔️Space Systems: $20B
✔️Space Applications: $32B
4️⃣ To operate in this space the Rocket Lab is equipped with the following strategic assets:

✔️Electron Rocket: powered by the world’s first 3D printed rocket engine.
✔️Neutron Rocket: medium-sized rocket with 8-ton capacity (~220 satellites per launch)
✔️Launch Infrastructure
5️⃣ Utilizing the strategic resources will create the following moats:

💪Technology: 18 launches to space, 97 satellites deployed to orbit
💪Vertical Integration: 90% of its production from rockets, satellites, space components, and launch sites
💪SpaceX, NASA, AirForce talent
6️⃣ These moats fuel the companies growth ambitions in the following areas:

🚀Building the Neutron Rocket and pursuit supply chain acquisitions with $745M in cash post-merger
🚀Expand their space system capabilities utilizing personal satellites for services by customers
7️⃣ However, the company does have a variety of risks as it pursues growth:

⚠️SpaceX is their largest competitor. Astra, Virgin Orbit, and Relativity Space are also present.
⚠️Neutron Rocket Production: $200M investment expected to be live by 2024
⚠️Supply Chain risks
8️⃣ Now, to date the company is one of the few that has shown execution and revenue from the new space players:

✔️Revenue 2020A: $35M | 2025E: $749M – 115% CAGR
- $69M this year and has $2.2B in the pipeline
✔️Profitable by 2023 achieving a 22% margin
✔️FCF positive by 2024
9️⃣ At the proposed valuation of $4.1B Rocket Lab has the infrastructure and technology assets to become leaders in the space.

They ensure launch on-demand services, frequent launches, tailored orbits, and the ability for the customer to control their schedule.
🔟 As an investor in the Space economy, you start measuring success by the number of launches and the number of satellites that it deployed to space.

Will Rocket Lab $VACQ be able to dance in the shadow of SpaceX?
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