i love the contrast of gon and killua being earth and the heavens. gon is dressed in vibrant greens, much like the greenery he grew up surrounded by. his entire palette is warm brown earth tones and bright greens, signifying the earth and the life it gives. he is a very patient
soul as well, feeling at peace with animals and other people around him. his tanned skin like soil, and gold eyes like ore found deep in the earth, are very stark compared to killua. where gon is warm and soft, like home, killua is sharp, distant.
killua is celestial, with hair like stardust and azure eyes ever-shifting like the sky. his color palette is filled with soft purples, deep blues, and bright whites. where gon’s eyes sparkle with life and vigor, killua’s are calculating and apathetic.
it isn’t until the heavens and earth meet that the impossible happens. colors explode in a dazzling array. what once seemed so distant is now within arm’s reach. the barrier is especially thin where the earth reaches out and the sky leans down to greet it.
when killua and gon are together, their bond seems impossible, awe-inspiring. like aurora borealis. but the earth and the heavens are not meant to be unified. they must stay apart for the good of everything contained within them.
but despite their distance, whenever they come together they form something truly extraordinary.
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