Order of events:
1) US denies help to India first
2) Many other countries lend their helping hands to India
3) US then agrees to help India
4) Soon, all international media runs a propaganda saying India is going through rough phase, while the reality is situation is same 1/n
in developed countries too. Then y oly highlight India?
5) CMs of few states demanding for vaccines n oxygen supplies from other countries while Center is helping them in all possible ways
6) Resign Modi HT trends
7) Then SSRians wants better India instead of COVID free India 2/n
8) Indian medias oly talking abt deaths n instead of recovery rate or spreading awareness on share COVID related information like which hospital has beds, ventilators etc
9) Priyanka chopra talking abt import of a particular vaccine for India
P.S : India is an incredible Nation.
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