. @elonmusk is planning to launch 42,000 satellites into space.

The project's name? Starlink.

The goal? Bring internet service to every corner of the world.

Here are 9 takeaways about Starlink🧵
1. The service is called Starlink. SpaceX filed for a trademark on the name in early 2015.

Musk's naming choice was inspired by the 2011 NY Times Best Selling book, "The Fault in Our Stars.
2. There are 1,378 Starlink satellites in orbit.

SpaceX launched the first batch of satellites in February '18. Their most recent launch was April 7th where they launched 60 satellites into orbit.
3. Many Americans lack internet access

According to a February '21 Pew Research report, 77% of Americans have broadband internet services at home.

Internet service providers don't want to build networks where there aren't customers.

Starlink hopes to serve them instead.
4. Starlink is $99/mo

Right now, Starlink costs $99/mo in addition to the one-time $499 equipment fee.

While it's more expensive than fiber internet like AT&T, it's less expensive than existing satellite internet companies such as Viasat.
5. Starlink will cost at least $10B to build

In 2018, Gwynne Shotwell, president of SpaceX, estimated it'll cost "at least $10 billion" to build Starlink.

It's estimated that each satellite costs "less than $500,000" to make while a Falcon 9 launch is ~$30MM per launch.
6. Starlink Satellites communicate via laser interlinks

This groundbreaking communication method creates faster speeds, helps serve a larger geographic area, and reduces the chance of internet coverage failure.
7. Starlink has a low failure rate

The FCC noted in a statement today that Starlink has a 1.45% disposal failure rate. That means for the last 723 satellites that have launched, only 3 have failed.
8. Starlink has competition

SpaceX isn't the only internet satellite company. Legacy companies like Viasat have been offering resident services since 2005. Newcomers such as Amazon Kuipers and OneWeb have offerings in the making as well.
9. SpaceX predicts $30B in Starlink revenue by 2025

Starlink might cost a lot, but it is also expected to bring in a lot. In addition to the $30B revenue projection, they also predict SpaceX having $20B+ in operating income by 2025.
Starlink has the potential to change the world. Billions of more people could have internet access because of SpaceX. It's impossible to predict what that means, but it'll like transform Earth's population.

One day, every company will be a space company.
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