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DSMP members as Steven Universe Characters // DSMP members and whay gem they would be

rts appreciated

This thread was made for fun ! and because i like and enjoy both,,,, this is if the gem's were their own person, no ships ! this is no way describing the actual cc as a person ! this is based off whats canon ! Atleast what i understand of it

( remember this all my opinion )
Sapnap ; Ruby

ruby is like a hotheaded character,, and seems like the type to lash out a lot/easily,, ruby also has fire type powers/magic !! a ruby's purpose is to protect a sapphire,, to protect. ( this wont effect anything though !!! )
Tubbo ; Peridot

haha short (/j /lh) peridot is what was describer as a " modern day gem " peridot used to have hand enhancers ,, ( technology ) Tubbo seems like a technology person, and i feel like he knows a lot,, she was a villain at first but after a good while she learnt+//
to love earth,,, she learnt that the earth had things that was worth protecting,, and i get these vibes from tubbo,, his character im still learning about but i see a possibility that he can also do that, or maybe he already has learnt that.
Ranboo ; Sapphire

Let me explain !! i say this because a sapphire can see the future,, meaning they are always right,, and the ONLY reason i first thought of ranboo is because of when he said he had like no idea he was going to blow up the way he did,, also royal blue :D
Niki ; Pearl

A Pearl was meant to work for their diamond,, they were meant to be bossed around,, but after a long while, Pearl realized that,, she is the boss of herself,, she can make her own choices,, she doesnt WORK for anyone,, and niki's arc reminded me of that,,
Philza ; Garnet

Garnet as her own person is very strong and wise,, she is also somewhat of a parental figure towards steven !! she is seen as the leader of the crystal gems because she always knows what to do and she just was more mature, i see her as the only sane one tbh
Quackity ; Spinel

this one is interesting to me because its not because of whats happening atm BUT what could happen soon,, Spinel used to be Pink Diamonds little playmate,, they used to be very close,, but after a while Pink Diamond got tired of her. so what did she do ? +////
she left her. She told her she would come back and played it off as another game of theirs,, Spinel was left alone waiting for at least 6,000 years,, she found out Pink Diamond did, and she felt alone and hurt, soon she got angry,, this reminded me of quackity's lore stream +///
he found out Sapnap , Karl , went off without him to go make a country,, (+ George too !) we could obviously tell he felt hurt by this and this has potential, between his and his 2 canonical husbands,,
Hi again ! This is the thread for right now !! tomorrow I'll add more but this is all i could think of rn and because my phone is about to lock,,, tell me what you think :DD
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