A #thread of appreciated characters and items from the movie #SpiritedAway that would be great #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions items and Amibo Cards...

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No Face
Ideally he would either be an Amibo Card or an interactive item.
Radish Spirit
I know, strange addition but think. We have items like the Robot Hero and I don’t think the Radish Spirit is too oddball. They would be an Item and interactive to do his infamous fan wave.
Geneva’s lamp post
One of the items I hate that is not in the game. Although a streetlamp is similar to the design, it simply isn’t then iconic one in the movie. One of my favorite scenes in the movie with one of my favorite items would obviously be an item and be a light source
Soot Sprites
The cutest additions to the beginning and ending of the movie deserve some love if a pack of Studio Ghibli items ever hit the shelves. Known as Kamaji’s helpers in the boiler room. With the comic reliefs of the boiler room scenes. Would be cute individual decorations
The tip boxes
I know, out of all the items that could’ve been included and I chose the tip boxes. When honestly if they’re more common than I think in Japanese culture, they’ll be more involved in the game than anything. They’d be nice additions to restaurants and stands
Bath Tokens
I have no idea if these would be interactive or not but they would be some darn cute decorations. Maybe we’ll get an exploration island with an acceptance ticket using these or a later item ill put in right after this. Maybe our island isn’t the only thing we need
Kamaji’s Train Tickets
Fun fact while I was typing this, I didn’t know what to use it for but to think about it, a great addition would be the train station all together. Maybe an addition to our suspicious water friend Pascal and swim out to the train station for a secret island
Lastly, Chihiros Flowers
Just like we had valentines day flowers, I think it’s all the more easy to make Chihiros flowers a similar item. That come with tasks such as daily watering, specific placement in the island, and god knows what to make it a fun task and item to collect.
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