saw some people saying "the media is lying about supposed leftist content creators"

I spoke to someone about this earlier today, and I do have thoughts.
these creators have served their purpose during the trump years: a demographic of joker-figures who think they are all geniuses pointed at "the bad guys" (the conservative side of capital) while the outlets doing this are aligned with the more neoliberal, democrat side of capital
the neolib side of capital benefited pretty hard from "rational-looking" and/or theatrical/interesting people were making conservatives look like fascists

but the thing they would benefit from *now* is if everyone would shut the fuck up and talk about the MCU
the VICE article about wolff/destiny backs me up

they highlight the worst elements of it and to reinforce that the whole thing was useless repeatedly

which, yes, it was pretty useless but not because these guys are both stuck in their ways or that wolff talks about history
my thought here is they see this as riffraff that needs to go away now that biden is in

"things are fine, break it up guys"
I find it particularly interesting that the SocialismDoneLeft "not a real leftist" article was written by someone who loves playing at being "more left" while ultimately punching left (was a fairly prominent writer during the #WeAreTheLeft days)
the issue is less about whether they are lying or not (fuck SDL)

but how they are using these creators to paint *everyone* who wants to move in an even vaguely communistic direction rather than remain capitalistic (and/or neofeudalism/neomalthusianism)
frankly, the shitlibs and the radlibs can war all they want but remember, the media is used to set the boundaries for what is acceptable discourse
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