There are 0 people in the world who are unflawed, whose brains and thoughts are indisputably more worthy than everyone else’s, who are free of human weakness, who are inherently better than others.

Your favorite Twitter follow and your favorite politician and your favorite celebrity make mistakes, have psychological quirks that keep them from seeing some reasonable perspectives, and take some actions or say some things they shouldn’t have said or done. 2/
Sometimes those actions or words will cross a line with some people. That’s OK. Sometimes they should be considered to cross a line, that’s OK too. Often the way they respond to people being unhappy with something they said or did is where they cross a line. That’s OK. 3/
I see a lot of dispute over where those lines are, which is also OK.
I also see on twitter a *lot* of the tendency in humans to get personality culty. That someone’s actions are *always* to be justified - because you have a deep belief in the inherent goodness of that person. 4/
I also see some people finding ways to criticize *anything* an individual does because they have a deep belief in the internet badness of that person.

Someone with generally good intentions can do things that are wrong. Someone with generally bad intentions can do things that are right.

But the tendency to form *teams* around holding up one individual or another 6/
Seems overall detrimental to me.

And the tendency to want to give a pass to something negative because of the individual who did or said it, also seems detrimental. And the tendency to “side with” something negative, or willingness to say something awful
because you think the target is awful, so it justifies being awful - also detrimental.

Twitter teaches me a lot about why human history is so full of violence, bigotry, and bad decision-making.
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