No suprise Robert Dingwall signed the latest GBD letter, what is shocking is that he's on NERVETAG.

This are some of his zinger insights from spring last year. He's always been very keen on natural herd immunity.
2/ If you thought the last comment sounds a bit like suggesting a "humane cull" here's the full section where he describes a cull but then says its not a cull, but that government should encourage families to volunteer to cull elderly family members.
3/ Here he is claiming masks in Scottish schools is just a political stunt while claiming masks do nothing along with other typical skeptic lines.
4/ For the past year he pops up regularly in the media to make very questionable statements but because of his positions interviewers don't challenge him properly.

So what are the harms of handwashing? Same line UfT were using.
5/Here's the chair of the education select committee praising Dingwalls call to fully reopen schools without masks in early February this year.

Have to also question Woodhouse considering school age students had the highest positivity of all ages in December.
6/ His websites here, articles include

"Medical imperialist and the fate of Christmas" In December he called for no restrictions over Christmas

"How we must learn to love with Covid like Samuel peeps did the great plague." https://www.dingwallenterprises.co.uk/news/ 
7/ This reminds me of Sabisky, the man hired by Cummings who had to resign after public outcry in early 2020 due to his comments on eugenics.

This was Sabisky lamenting when he couldn't get approval for unethical experiments on children.

Staggering isn't it.
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