As a high school teacher it is becoming clear I must resign or retire.

A Christian cannot do this job.

You are asked to lie to ensure parents/students are not held accountable.

Fundraising to do the @DaltonReport full time may start.

As a teacher when you choose to be honest and upfront all stakeholders become offended.

You will be asked to amend the situation by denying the student is responsible in any form or fashion.

Blame Covid, blame the student's anxiety, or preferably yourself as teacher, etc.
I am a Mild/Moderate Special Education teacher.

Not only do I teach 2 diff. subjects (Physics, Chem.), I case manage 26 SPED students. I am like a social worker in that sense.

I have students w/ 45 missing assignments since Jan.

A work ethic problem. Same as pre-Covid.
I do 60 - 70% off all my assignments with the students. All they must do in type in the answers I supply during my lesson.

About 30-40% of the students choose to sit on their phone or comp. and do other things.

Parents are informed. They do nothing.
Now the semester is ending and parents/staff ask what I can do to help the student pass.

If they don't pass, I am expected to prove why they failed.

Parents have access to grades and each assignment all year round. Also, they get progress reports.

Education is a joke.
I hold or attend anywhere from 30-60 IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) meetings per year. For almost 16 years now. I'm 44.

An IEP takes an hour or two to type.

An initial/triennial assessment report takes 2-3 hours.

The meetings are then 2-3 hours. After school.
My students adore me. I am like a second father to most.

My classes are fun. Even kids with 20 missing assignments feel comfortable in class.

Every observation review in 16 years from administration meets the highest standards.
My passion now is what I do on Twitter and my website.

I used to hold bible studies with a few teachers on campus a few years ago at another school I worked in 2015.

No issues.

The second admin found I was conservative it was shut down the next year. All related to Trump.
Public schools are scared of Christianity.

A school I worked that celebrates Day of the Dead with their students.

Pic from the altar in the student cafeteria and letter to parents.

They were offended at my concern.

FBI: Santa Muerte
This same school I last worked at in 2015/16 also was an anti-Trump propaganda machine to these elementary students.

Here are some pics from the school website I saved from around the same time.

Using 6 - 12 year olds as propaganda.

Education doesn't matter.
Do you know at some schools your child can come in the morning dressed as a boy or girl and change genders at school.

They will choose new names and change into the clothes of the opposite sex. Under 18.

Then change back before heading home.

Parents not informed.
School psychologists will ask the teachers to call them by their preferred new name and pronoun.

When you meet with the parent, you are asked to now refer to the student by their given name.

All b/c the student does not want the parent aware of their new lifestyle choice.
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