#Thread #CovidHelp Have been getting many requests for help with #plasma, so here are a few observations.

(Please note I'm NOT a doctor. Do take your doctor's advice at all times, especially since some are not looking at/endorsing plasma therapy at all.)
1. Many #plasma banks are running out and unable to keep up with the demand. If you've been #CovidPositive recently, and fit the eligibility criteria, please #DonatePlasma!
2. Some patients got plasma after requesting friends/family to get tested for antibodies, who were never formally diagnosed as #CovidPositive. Try that, only after taking your doctor's advice.

3. IF you can, get yourself tested for antibodies. You may have been asymptomatic or have had mild symptoms, never realising you had covid. But please check with labs, your GP, plasma donation centres first, so that an already overburdened system is not burdened more.
4. Once vaccinated you can't donate #blood/ #plasma for 28 days. So before booking your registration for the vaccine, please keep this in mind and donate before getting the vaccine if you can.

5. Please don't judge or shame people who are putting out plasma requests (yes that's happening) by calling it pseudoscience. People go to any length to save the lives of loved ones. If their doctor says there is a chance this may work, they WILL cling to that hope.

6. PLEASE get the vaccine when it's your turn. Maintain social distance, double mask and sanitise when in public, and especially at the vaccine centre. Prevention of #covid is better than the hunt for treatment.

I wish I could say stay calm & positive while you hunt for plasma but you have every right to be angry, frustrated & hurt that it's come to this. If your efforts aren't working, it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. Just keep exploring all options & don't give up hope.
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