This is BIG: New Jersey nuclear is secure for another few years. Unanimous vote, meaning votes flipped from last time.

Perhaps even bigger is the impassioned, outspoken support the Commissioners offered their state's nuclear plants along with their Yes votes.

Commissioner Holden:

"Educable moment for those naysayers of Zero Emission Credits who believe that solar and wind are sufficient to meet NJ's needs and the board should just let the nuclear facilities close."
Commissioner Holden:

"Nuclear energy is much less expensive than offshore wind and solar energy. The REC prices are simply not comparable: the market price for solar is currently $235[per MWh], requiring a $217 SREC to be competitive...much more expensive to NJ than a $10 ZEC."
Commissioner Holden:

"Nuclear energy in New Jersey currently requires almost no upfront capital cost. The plants are already built and operating. Solar and offshore wind infrastructure do not have a large presence in New Jersey. These are immature resources in comparison."
Commissioner Chivukula:

"If you look at the example of Germany, where they shut down their nuclear plants, they had immediately upped their coal plants. In CA, they shut down their nuclear plants, they are heavily leaning on battery technology...and it's quite expensive."
Commissioner Solomon:

"The amount of subsidy being requested by PSEG is far less than that which NJ pays to other generators for other clean energy attributes. And nuclear is the only reliable baseload carbon-free generation."

"I understand many of the comments that have been made. But I understand also what inaction will bring. We have to take the bold steps. We have to move forward. I have said many times that we have a moral obligation to protect the planet for future generations..."
President Fiordaliso, con't:

"...and to do everything we can to decrease carbon emissions. Two years ago, that obligation guided our decision when it came to issuing ZECs to keep NJ's nuclear plants operational. And it guides my decision again today."
Com. Gordon:

"As much as I would have preferred a lower subsidy level, I do not want to shut down nuclear power in NJ. Doing so would constitute a major setback in our efforts to combat climate change and would have an adverse effect on the respiratory health of NJ citizens..."
Commissioner Gordon:

"Looking forward, I hope this process becomes unnecessary or can be improved. Ideally, the Biden administration will recognize that nuclear power needs to be part of its clean energy agenda and will propose new, long-term mechanisms for financial support."
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