The govt. has opened up its vaccination programme to individuals between the age of 18 to 45, provided they CAN bridge the digital divide & register themselves on the application or website. This is deeply problematic for various reasons. (1/n)
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Digital solutions and easy and fashionable, but rather exclusionary as well. The government's push should be to reach the vulnerable, and not expect them to come to it. This is where camps and walk-ins play pivotal roles. (2/n) #COVID19 #COVID19India #cowinregistration
India's smartphone penetration is less than 30%. Vaccine registration requires access not just to mobiles but to data connections. This will create difficulties for the poor, uneducated, for women, and marginalised groups. Think everyone can use an OTP system? #CoWin #CowinApp
Prepaid recharges are amongst the critical set of costs vulnerable populations save on during times such as these.

Platform design itself is discriminatory & targeted towards the elite with the website registration format only in English. Aarogya Setu is no cakewalk either.
vaccine priority is clearly to those with specific training & skill sets & not the informal workforce, far more at risk, & with no access to work from home. As with other schemes, this will create a set of middlemen, forcing people to cybercafes & agents charging hefty premiums.
Ending on a positive note. It becomes all the more important for those of us who can to play facilitation roles and help others register for the vaccine. Many of us will be staying home this year, but others will not. Do your bit and ensure they get vaccinated.
#CoWin #CoWin
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